Navigating Name Changes After Marriage

Navigating Name Changes After Marriage

Navigating Name Changes After Marriage: Keeping Maiden, Taking Husband's, Hyphenating, or Joining the Two —

One of the cherished traditions that many couples contemplate after tying the knot is the decision regarding surnames. In a modern world that embraces diversity, couples now have a range of options when it comes to post-marital name changes. Whether you choose to keep your maiden name, take your husband's name, hyphenate, or find a creative amalgamation, this blog explores the considerations and implications of each choice.

Keeping Your Maiden Name —

Embracing Identity For those who choose to keep their maiden name, the decision is often rooted in a desire to maintain a strong connection to personal identity, career achievements, and family heritage. This choice can be empowering, especially for individuals who have established themselves professionally under their maiden name.

Taking Your Husband's Name, Tradition and Unity —

The traditional choice of taking your husband's surname is a symbolic gesture of unity and shared identity. This decision often aligns with cultural and familial expectations, and many couples view it as a way to express commitment to their new life together.

Hyphenating, The Blend of Both Worlds —

Hyphenating surnames has become a popular choice for couples seeking a middle ground. This option allows both partners to retain their original identities while symbolizsng their unity through a shared last name. However, it's essential to consider potential challenges, such as longer legal names and filling out forms with multiple last names.

Joining the Two, A Creative Fusion —

Creating a new surname by blending parts of both partners' last names is a creative and personalised option. This choice reflects a commitment to forging a new identity together while honouring the individual histories of both partners.

The process of changing your name involves legal considerations and may vary by jurisdiction. Here are some Factors to Consider —
Legal Implications — Research the legal requirements and procedures associated with your chosen name change. Be aware of the specific regulations in your country or state.

Professional Considerations — If you've established a professional identity under your maiden name, keeping it might be crucial for your career. Discuss potential changes with colleagues and employers.

Family Opinions — Communicate openly with your partner and both sets of families about your decision. Consider their perspectives and address any concerns or expectations they may have.

Personal Identity — Reflect on your personal connection to your name and how it aligns with your sense of self. Choose an option that resonates with your identity and values.

In the journey towards marriage equality, the celebration of love knows no bounds. For couples in same-sex marriages, the decision regarding post-marital name changes becomes a personal and empowering choice. This blog explores the considerations and nuances that same-sex couples may encounter when navigating name changes after saying "I do."

Taking a Partner's Name, Forging a New Unity —

 Similar to heterosexual couples, some same-sex partners choose to adopt one partner's surname as a symbol of unity. This decision holds the same significance – a declaration of commitment, shared identity, and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together.

Hyphenating or Combining Surnames, Blending Histories —

Hyphenating or combining surnames is a creative choice for same-sex couples seeking a middle ground. This option allows both partners to retain elements of their original identities while symbolising the merging of their lives.

Creating a New Surname: A Personalised Fusion —

Just as heterosexual couples may create a new surname by blending parts of both partners' last names, same-sex couples can embark on this creative journey. Crafting a unique surname becomes a powerful expression of unity and a celebration of the love that knows no boundaries.
The decision regarding post-marital name changes is deeply personal and should align with the values and identities of both partners. Whether you choose to keep your maiden name, take your husband's, hyphenate, or create a new surname, the key is to embrace a choice that reflects the unity and individuality you both hold dear. As traditions evolve, couples are empowered to shape their own narrative, creating a meaningful and unique expression of their commitment.
Emma & Richard's Love Story

Emma & Richard's Love Story

We recently had the pleasure of assisting beautiful couple, Emma & Richard, with creating their new forever engagement ring, The Emma Ring.

Read on for an exclusive interview, which details their special proposal journey and experience with our Morgan & Co Bespoke Team.

Was there anything in particular that drew you to work with us?

"After I met you both at the Sunshine Coast wedding expo and we instantly got chatting, I felt so comfortable straight away and knew I wanted to work with you to design our wedding bands. I told Rich about it as soon as i got home that day and he loved that you were based in Buderim (his home town) and that you instantly made a good first impression - a few months later we started working together and sure enough we designed two beautiful wedding bands and re-created my most perfect engagement ring! We loved every moment of the design process and working with you both!"

Which ring did you choose/design for your forever piece, and why?

"Rich decided to work with you both to design his custom wedding band - a signet ring with one of his Grandmother's diamonds placed on one side. He wanted something a little different while also being practical for everyday wear, as well as including a sentimental touch. I decided to redesign my engagement ring with a beautiful oval diamond set east-to-west as I loved that it was still simple and classic while also including a unique touch. I decided to go with a plain cigar band as my wedding band and absolutely love the way it sits so perfectly with my engagement ring."

What was your favourite part of your Morgan & Co experience?

"Spending hours in the studio chatting about everything and anything! Lots of laughter, and learning so much about ring design!"

Tell us a little bit about your proposal.

"Rich originally proposed with my Grandmother's engagement ring which is something I also wanted and absolutely love to this day. I'd always said I wanted him to propose to me either in my favourite place (Barnes Pond in London), or on a random Wednesday night in the kitchen when I least expected it! So with my incredibly high expectations in mind, he decided to visit Barnes Pond on a trip to Europe a few months prior to the proposal, and get a few sweet little videos. He put together a slideshow and proposed to me at home on a Thursday while we enjoyed our morning coffee (which he confidently told me was technically a Wednesday night in London). So somehow he managed to check off all aspects of my proposal list and still keep it all a surprise! It was absolutely perfect!"

Emma's 5 Star Review — 

"Where do I even begin! ❤️ my fiancé and I both had our wedding bands designed by Morgan & Laura at Morgan & Co., and we couldn’t be happier with our experience! During the wedding band process, we decided to redesign my engagement ring as well. The girls made this process so incredible and special, and we had the best time coming up with a design that was so unique to me and my style. Between hours long chats at the studio, having the girls teach us so much about diamonds and choosing the perfect one, receiving my designs back and making sure they were exactly what I wanted, to receiving the ring of my dreams and creating wonderful friendships - I couldn’t be happier with the entire process! Thank you Morgan and Laura for your incredible knowledge and expertise, we loved every minute of working with you both ❤️"

What Are My Options If I Hate My Engagement Ring?

What Are My Options If I Hate My Engagement Ring?

Morgan & Co's Unique Offer

Before we get into the question of "what do I do if I hate the engagement ring my partner gave me", let's first explore our unique offer to help address and avoid this concern. At Morgan & Co, Sunshine Coast's number one jewellery, we have a special offer for every man purchasing a surprise ring for his partner — we will reset the ring at no cost if your partner is unhappy with her ring, or if the wrong metal or gold colour is chosen. I know, how amazing is that??

As an engagement ring designer at Morgan & Co, I understand the emotional significance of an engagement ring and the distress that can come with not loving the ring you'll wear forever. If you find yourself in this situation, it's essential to address it delicately and thoughtfully. Here are some steps to take if you hate your engagement ring that your fiancé chose without your guidance —

Assess Your Feelings

Take some time to understand why you dislike the ring. Is it the style, the stone, or perhaps the sentiment behind it? Knowing the root of your feelings can help you decide how to proceed.

Communicate with Your Partner

Approach the conversation with empathy and honesty. Let them know how you feel and reassure them that your feelings are about the ring, not the commitment. I know it's an awkward conversation to have because the last thing you want to do is hurt your fiancé's feelings, but sometime important conversations are difficult and no one wants to wear a ring every. single. day that you dislike, so it's a conversation that needs to be had!

Explore Your Options

Depending on the reason for your dislike, there are several options available. You could consider resetting the stone, changing the setting, or even designing a new ring together.

Consult a Professional Jeweller

Visit a reputable jeweller — reach out to the bespoke team at Morgan & Co and who can offer expert advice on your options. We can help you explore ways to modify the ring to better suit your taste and we can do it in a sensitive way that also considers your budget. Contact our Sunshine Coast based jewellers here.

Consider the Sentimental Value

Remember that the ring represents the love and commitment of your partner. If possible, try to find a solution that honours both your feelings and the sentiment behind the ring.

Focus on the Positive

While it's okay to not love your ring, try to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and the commitment you've made to each other.

At Morgan & Co, we understand that every engagement ring tells a unique story, and we're here to help you find a solution that feels right for you. Whether it's modifying your current ring or designing a new one, we're committed to ensuring that your ring reflects your style and symbolises your love and commitment.

What do I do if My Partner Chooses the Wrong Gold Colour For My Engagement Ring?

If your partner has chosen the wrong gold colour for your engagement ring, it's natural to feel a bit disappointed, but there are several ways to address this situation without causing any stress or hurt feelings. Here are some steps you can take —

Express Your Feelings

First and foremost, communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your feelings. Let them know that while you appreciate the sentiment behind the ring, the gold colour isn't what you had in mind. 

Understand Their Perspective

Try to understand why your partner chose the gold colour they did. Perhaps they thought it would complement your skin tone or match other jewellery you own. Understanding their perspective can help you both find a solution.

Consider Your Options

Depending on the type of metal used, there may be options for changing the gold colour of the ring. For example, if the ring is made of yellow gold, it can be re-plated, or rhodium plated, with white gold. If it's made of a different metal, such as platinum or titanium, you may need to explore other options, such as re-setting the diamonds or coloured stones in a new setting. 

Consult a Jeweller

Visit us at Morgan & Co, even if the ring isn't from us — we offer in studio consultations as well as virtual consultations. We can assess the ring and provide options for changing the gold colour. We will discuss options for your dilemma and we will ensure we provide the best price possible as we know your partner has just spent decent money on a ring so it wouldn't be fair to have to invest a lot more into fixing an issue. Contact our team here.

Explore Other Solutions

If changing the gold colour isn't an option, consider other ways to incorporate the colour you prefer. For example, you could wear the ring on a different finger or hand and pair it with other jewellery in your preferred gold colour.

In conclusion, if your partner has chosen the wrong gold colour for your engagement ring, it's important to communicate openly and work together to find a solution that feels right for both of you. By approaching the situation with understanding and empathy, you can ensure that the ring continues to symbolise your love and commitment to each other.

Reach out to our bespoke team at Morgan & Co for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Our team of skilled designers will ensure you make no mistakes, and we guarantee your partner will adore her ring. We're so confident that we'll even remake it free of charge if she isn't satisfied!



We recently had the pleasure of assisting beautiful couple, Hailz & Hank, with creating their new forever engagement ring, The Hayley Ring.

Read on for an exclusive interview, which details their special proposal journey and experience with our Morgan & Co Bespoke Team.

Was there anything in particular that drew you to work with us?

"Local on the Sunshine Coast"

Which ring did you choose/design for your forever piece, and why?

"With your help we came up with a custom design for Hailz"

What was your favourite part of your Morgan & Co experience?

"The exceptionally warm welcome and the patience and attention to detail to get the ring just right"

Tell us a little bit about your proposal.

"We were skiing in Meribel, France with a group of friends. I decided to ask her at one of the highest tops you can get to with the lifts. Our friends went up a bit ahead of us and set up a blanket and champagne. I then asked Hailz to come for a photo and asked her there"

Hank's 5 Star Review:

"There aren’t enough good things I can say about my experience with Morgan & Co. Morgan and Laura are the loveliest people you can imagine and will go above and beyond to make sure you get the perfect ring for your proposal. From the first consultation to the day I picked the ring up they have been truly magnificent.
I cannot recommend them enough and will be coming back for more bespoke jewellery in the future."

Teearn & Jared’s Wedding

Teearn & Jared’s Wedding

We recently had the pleasure of assisting beautiful couple, Teearn & Jared with creating their wedding bands. 

Read on for an exclusive interview, which details their beautiful wedding day and experience with ouMorgan & Co Bespoke Team.

Q: Was there anything in particular that drew you to work with us?

“When I met you at the wedding Expo, I was drawn to your warmth and inviting energy. You were so helpful and felt like you really listened to what I was wanting with my custom ring”

Which wedding ring did you choose/design for your forever piece, and why?

The Tokyo Ring — 18ct yellow gold wedding band featuring 8 lab grown marquise diamonds totalling .32ct"

What was your favourite part of your Morgan & Co experience?

"I felt like you were family friends and we'd known each other forever. when I came in for my consults we would just talk for hours. It was nice as I'm quite introverted. You really know how to make someone feel comfortable and of course the end product is beautiful quality”

Tell us your favourite memory from your wedding day?

“Marrying the love of my life. Seeing everything and everyone getting together is pretty special, when 2 families meet”

View our Bespoke Engagement Ring Collection or click here to book an appointment in our Newcastle studio. 

Teearn's Five Star Review —

"I can’t thank Morgan & co enough for bringing my dreams to life. From the moment I met them at a wedding expo I knew I needed to contact them again for a consultation. The ladies were so welcoming and I felt like they were friends I’ve know forever, we sat down and designed the most beautiful wedding band. It was so easy and the finished product is beautiful"

A Journey through the History of Valentine's Day

A Journey through the History of Valentine's Day

As February approaches, hearts start fluttering, and love fills the air in anticipation of Valentine's Day. Yet, amidst the flurry of roses and chocolates, the origins of this romantic holiday remain shrouded in mystery. Have you ever wondered about the origins of Valentine's Day? Who was Saint Valentine, and why do we celebrate on February 14th? Join us as we embark on a journey through time to uncover the captivating history of Valentine's Day. 

Saint Valentine, a priest living in Rome during the third century, played a pivotal role in the history of Valentine's Day. Emperor Claudius II, known for his military exploits, deemed married men unfit for battle and outlawed marriage for soldiers. However, Valentine, driven by his romantic spirit, defied the decree and continued to perform marriages in secret.

When Emperor Claudius discovered Valentine's clandestine activities, he was enraged, and Valentine found himself imprisoned. During his time in captivity, Valentine formed a bond with the jailer's daughter, and they fell deeply in love. As Valentine faced his impending fate, he clandestinely passed a note to his beloved, expressing his affection and signing it "Your Valentine."

The choice of February 14th as Valentine's Day is shrouded in both historical significance and symbolism. Some believe it coincides with the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, while others speculate it was selected to overshadow the pagan festival of Lupercalia, which involved rituals of fertility and matchmaking.

The pagan festival, celebrated from February 13th to 15th, involved rituals like sacrificing goats, feasting, and whipping women with strips of goat hide for fertility. Pope Gelasius, disapproving of these practices, sought to replace Lupercalia with a Christian celebration, thereby declaring February 14th as Saint Valentine's Day.

With the banishment of the pagan festival, the focus shifted to more wholesome expressions of love and affection. Instead of pagan rituals, individuals now exchange tokens of love like chocolates, flowers, and jewelry, embodying the spirit of romance in a more tender and respectful manner.

Today, Valentine's Day serves as a celebration of love, unity, and companionship. While the traditions have evolved over time, the essence of the holiday remains unchanged – a day to express heartfelt sentiments and cherish the bonds that connect us. So, as we exchange cards and tokens of affection, let us honor the legacy of Saint Valentine and embrace the spirit of love that unites us all.

As we reflect on the history of Valentine's Day, we are reminded of the enduring power of love to transcend time and place. Whether through ancient rituals, literary inspirations, or modern-day traditions, Valentine's Day continues to serve as a timeless reminder of the beauty and resilience of the human heart. So, as we embrace this day of love, let us cherish the connections that enrich our lives and celebrate the profound bond that unites us all.

Unique Engagement Rings, Sunshine Coast

Unique Engagement Rings, Sunshine Coast

As a passionate designer, I want to take you on a journey behind the scenes, where each unique engagement ring design unfolds as a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of a couple's love.

In a world where individuality reigns supreme, the demand for unique engagement rings has soared. Couples are no longer content with traditional designs; they crave something that speaks to their one-of-a-kind connection. This desire for uniqueness has sparked a wave of creativity in our studio, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

One of the greatest aspects of crafting unique engagement rings is the diverse array of inspirations that guide each design. Whether it's a couple's shared passion, a significant life event, or a distinctive love story, these elements serve as the bedrock for the creative process. The result? Rings that are as unique as the love they symbolise. Why purchase an off the shelf engagement ring, when you can create something entirely unique to you? 

From unconventional gemstone choices to innovative settings, the possibilities are boundless. Imagine a ring where the band is adorned with intricate patterns inspired by the couple's favourite travel destination. Picture a solitaire engagement ring with a hidden compartment, holding a small memento that encapsulates a special moment in their journey together. Or a hidden gemstone in your engagement ring band that represents a special someone; maybe a relative who has passed, or a birthstone for your children, or your partner's birthstone. The options are endless, with sentimentality being core. 

Inspiration Strikes — Every unique engagement ring starts with a spark of inspiration. Whether it's a shared hobby, a special place, or a unique shared moment, drawing inspiration from the essence of the relationship sets the foundation for a design that speaks volumes.

Personalised Elements — What makes a ring truly unique are the personalised elements infused into its design. From incorporating birthstones, engraving meaningful dates, to customising settings that resonate with shared experiences, each detail adds a layer of personal significance.

Choosing the Right Gemstone — Opting for unconventional gemstones is a growing trend in unique ring designs. Exploring beyond traditional diamonds opens up a world of possibilities, from vibrant sapphires to mystical opals, allowing couples to embrace a gemstone that mirrors their individuality.

Exploring Unconventional Shapes — The world of engagement rings has evolved beyond classic cuts. Unconventional shapes like marquise, pear, and hexagon are gaining popularity for those seeking a distinctive and modern aesthetic.

Mixing Metals for Contrast — Playing with metal combinations adds a unique twist to the design. Combining white gold with rose gold or incorporating unexpected elements like black rhodium creates a captivating contrast, enhancing the visual appeal of the ring.

Nature-Inspired Designs — Infusing nature into the design brings an organic and timeless charm. From delicate floral patterns to rings inspired by the intertwining branches of trees, nature provides a rich source of inspiration for a unique engagement ring.

At Morgan & Co, we embrace the challenge of turning these unique visions into reality. Our studio becomes a sanctuary of creativity, where sketches come to life, and raw materials transform into symbols of everlasting love. It's a collaborative dance between the couple's dreams and our expertise, resulting in a ring that is not just worn but cherished.

Contact our expert team for your free consultation and begin your journey of creating your forever ring. You can find our intimate studio nestled in the heart of Buderim. 

The process of designing unique engagement rings is an art form that goes beyond the traditional. It's about capturing the nuances of a couple's personality, their shared history, and the promises they make to each other. Each ring becomes a storyteller, whispering tales of love, commitment, and the unique journey of two souls intertwining.

View our stunning collection of bespoke engagement rings here to gather some inspiration for your own design. 

Being part of this creative process is a privilege. Every unique engagement ring that leaves our studio is not just a piece of jewellery; it's a testament to the extraordinary love shared by the couple. If you're seeking a ring that stands out in its uniqueness, we invite you to embark on this creative journey with us at Morgan & Co, Sunshine Coast's number one jewellery design studio. Let's craft a love story that shines in every exquisite detail.

Embracing the Bold: A Shift from Dainty to Chunky Engagement Rings

Embracing the Bold: A Shift from Dainty to Chunky Engagement Rings

In the ever-evolving world of jewellery design, we, at Morgan & Co, are thrilled to witness a remarkable shift in engagement ring preferences. It's out with the old dainty designs, and in with the bold and chunky styles that are making a resounding statement. As a passionate designer, I've noticed a growing trend among couples leaning towards more substantial and daring choices for their symbol of eternal love.

Gone are the days when delicate and intricate designs held the exclusive spotlight. The modern era is ushering in a wave of appreciation for bold, eye-catching engagement rings that command attention. From daring metalwork to sizeable gemstones, couples are opting for pieces that not only signify commitment but also reflect their unique personalities and distinctive styles.

One of the fascinating aspects of this shift is the emphasis on individuality. Chunky engagement rings provide a canvas for creativity, allowing couples to explore diverse design elements that resonate with their story. Whether it's a chunky band adorned with intricate details or a bold solitaire stealing the show, the options are limitless.

The allure of chunky engagement rings lies in their ability to make a statement. These rings are not just accessories; they are powerful expressions of love and commitment. The substantial presence on the finger becomes a daily reminder of the strength of the bond shared by the couple. It's about making a bold declaration – both in style and in love.

The trend that is taking a front seat in engagement ring styles is shifting towards a bold and distinctive look, prominently featuring the east-to-west set diamond. Among our studio favourites is the incorporation of an east-to-west set emerald or radiant diamond within a more substantial and chunkier band. Additionally, bezel-set diamond engagement rings are gaining popularity on the Sunshine Coast, encompassing various diamond shapes such as asscher cut, radiant cut, cushion cut, and emerald cut diamonds.

At our Sunshine Coast Jewellers, we've wholeheartedly embraced this shift towards boldness. Our studio is a hub of creativity, where we collaborate with couples to bring their bold visions to life. From chunky bands with intricate engravings to striking gemstone combinations, each piece is a testament to the evolving landscape of engagement ring preferences.

As a designer witnessing this transformative trend, it's an exciting journey to be part of. The shift from dainty to chunky engagement rings symbolises a broader cultural shift towards self-expression and embracing the extraordinary. At Morgan & Co, we invite you to explore this dynamic world of bold and chunky engagement rings, where your love story takes centre stage in a truly spectacular way. Contact our beautiful team here to make your free no obligation consultation. 

— Love, Morgan
Co-ownder & Designer 

Exploring the World of February's Birthstone — Amethyst

Exploring the World of February's Birthstone — Amethyst

The birthstone for February is Amethyst. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and has been highly valued throughout history for its stunning colour and symbolism. All stones have their own meanings, amethyst is no exception.

The word "amethyst" is derived from the Greek word "amethystos," meaning "not drunken." In ancient times, amethyst was believed to protect the wearer from intoxication, and it was often associated with maintaining a clear and sober mind.

In this modern world amethyst is often  linked to spiritual awareness and inner peace. It is believed to have a calming influence, helping individuals find balance and tranquillity in their lives. 

Historically, amethyst has been considered a gemstone of royalty and luxury. Its rich purple colour has been associated with nobility and elegance, making it a popular choice for jewellery among the elite.

In addition to its symbolic meanings, amethyst is valued for its beautiful purple hues, which can range from pale lilac to deep violet. It is a durable gemstone suitable for various jewellery pieces.

Where is Amethyst found?

Amethyst, the purple variety of quartz, is found in various locations around the world. Some of the notable sources of amethyst include:

Brazil — Brazil is one of the major producers of amethyst, and it is known for producing some of the world's largest and most vibrant amethyst crystals. The state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, in particular, is a significant source.

Zambia — Zambia is another important producer of amethyst. The amethyst from Zambia often has deep purple hues and is highly prized for its colour and quality.

South Korea — The city of Osan in South Korea is known for its amethyst deposits. Amethyst from South Korea is typically light to medium purple in colour.

Russia — The Ural Mountains in Russia have been a traditional source of amethyst. Russian amethyst is known for its deep purple colour.,

India — Amethyst deposits can be found in various states in India, including Maharashtra and Karnataka. 

United States — Amethyst is found in several locations in the United States, including Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, and Georgia. The Four Peaks Mine in Arizona is known for producing high-quality amethyst.

Canada — The Thunder Bay area in Ontario, Canada, is known for its amethyst deposits. Canadian amethyst is known for its deep colour. 

The colour and quality of amethyst can vary depending on the location, and different sources may be known for specific characteristics. When selecting amethyst for jewellery, we at Morgan & Co, take into consideration the origin of the stone to determine its value and appeal.

Where did the concept of birthstones originate from?

The concept of birthstones has ancient roots and is often associated with both religious and mystical beliefs. The practice of wearing a gemstone corresponding to one's birth month has been traced back to ancient civilisations and various cultures throughout history.

The earliest origins of birthstones can be  traced back to the Bible, specifically the book of Exodus. In the biblical account, the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest of the Israelites, is described as having twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

Ancient Mesopotamia —The idea of wearing gemstones based on astrological and zodiacal associations is found in ancient Mesopotamian cultures. The practice of assigning specific gemstones to each month may have evolved from these early beliefs.

Fast forward to 1870 and the iconic Tiffany & Co  published a pamphlet called "The Tiffany Birthstone for Each Month," which helped popularise the idea of birthstones in the United States. This publication contributed to the commercialisation of birthstone jewellery.

Are Amethysts expensive?

The cost of amethyst can vary widely depending on factors such as colour, clarity, carat weight, and origin. Generally, amethyst is considered to be a relatively affordable gemstone compared to some other precious stones. However, the price can still range from very affordable to more expensive, depending on the quality and characteristics of the individual stone.

Some factors that can influence the cost of amethyst include:

Colour — Deep, vibrant purple amethyst with red and blue flashes is typically more valuable. Stones with a more intense and saturated colour are often considered higher quality and may command a higher price.

Clarity — Like other gemstones, amethyst can have inclusions or imperfections. Stones with fewer inclusions and better clarity are often more valuable.

Carat Weight — Larger amethyst stones are rarer and can be more expensive on a per-carat basis. However, amethyst is not as rare as some other gemstones, so larger stones may still be relatively affordable compared to similar-sized stones of more precious gems.

Cut and Shape — Well-cut and well-proportioned amethyst gemstones may be more valuable. The cut can enhance the overall appearance of the stone.

Origin — Amethyst from certain locations may have specific characteristics that make it more desirable. For example, amethyst from some Brazilian mines is highly prized for its colour.

As a whole, amethyst is often used in a wide range of jewellery, from affordable pieces to more intricate and expensive designs. The market for amethyst allows for a variety of options to fit different budgets.

At Morgan & Co, we like to ask our clients what month they were born. We have a hidden agenda, we love to add a little something on the inside of the engagement ring band if the client desires. We call the tiny stone, "the hidden stone". Hidden because only the wearer and the giver of the ring knows about its existence. Most of our clients will  choose to have their partner's birthstone for their hidden stone. 

Our bespoke team at our Buderim studio look forward to meeting you to help you source your amethyst piece, whether it's an amethyst oval pendant set east to west on a floating chain, or an amethyst dress ring, the team at our Sunshine Coast jewellers can help you source your gemstone and design the perfect piece to show off your vibrant purple amethyst.

Book your free consultation here and a big happy birthday to all our February babies! 

— Love Laura 
Co-owner & Designer
Morgan & Co

Roberta & Murray's Love Story

Roberta & Murray's Love Story

We recently had the pleasure of assisting beautiful couple, Roberta & Murray, with creating their new forever engagement ring, The Roberta Ring.

Read on for an exclusive interview, which details their special proposal journey and experience with our Morgan & Co Bespoke Team.

"Was there anything in particular that drew you to work with us?"

"We wanted to keep it local. And when we came to visit Morgan & Co, we found them very accommodating and passionate."

At Morgan & Co, we take pride in being part of the community and creating meaningful connections with our clients. Laura and myself have a genuine passion for designing and crafting unique and special pieces, especially engagement rings. Being part of this special journey means the world to us and we take it very seriously. 

"Which ring did you choose/design for your forever piece, and why?"

"Pear cut diamond with 3 side brilliant round diamonds. Wanted to keep it minimal, simple and unique."

Roberta came to us with an idea in mind - a petit ring, low set and unique to her taste and style. Working with Roberta and Murray to create The Roberta Ring was incredibly fun. This engagement ring is now a studio favourite!

"What was your favourite part of your Morgan & Co experience?"

"Their passion to strive for the best product for their clients."

When we meet with couples at this important and sentimental moment, we feel a great sense of responsibility to ensure each couple ends up with their dream ring and that the final product exceeds their expectations. We take this role very seriously and we never forget what a privilege it is to be a part of this journey.

"Tell us a little bit about your proposal."

"Murray first proposed when we were travelling Central America, in Guatemala. We did a sunrise trek to a volcano and he proposed here. It was a temporary ring. We came back home to look for a ring I would wear everyday. Long story short, we found Morgan & Co., had the ring customised and got a second proposal at our home in Mudjimba."

Roberta’s Testimonial 

“Grateful for the wonderful team, Morgan and Laura, for helping create such a beautiful engagement ring that I am soooo in love with. Thank you for such a pleasant experience. They made the whole design process enjoyable and easy. And the ring was way and beyond. You guys are awesome!!! THANK YOU!"

At Morgan & Co, we feel honoured to have played a role in crafting these meaningful moments. From the initial inspiration to the meticulous design process, our goal is to turn dreams into reality. As we celebrate the joyous unions created in our intimate studio, we're reminded that each engagement ring carries a tale of love, commitment, and the artistry that binds them together. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Roberta and Murray for sharing their experience.

— Love Morgan
Co-Owner, Morgan & Co

Saying 'I Do' Abroad: Navigating the Legalities of Getting Married Overseas as an Australian

Saying 'I Do' Abroad: Navigating the Legalities of Getting Married Overseas as an Australian

Embarking on the journey of marriage is an exciting adventure, and for some, the allure of tying the knot in a dreamy overseas location adds an extra layer of romance. However, amidst the excitement, it's crucial to understand the legalities involved in ensuring your marriage is recognised back home in Australia. In this guide, we'll navigate the intricate process of making your overseas wedding legally binding for Australians.

Researching Legal Requirements

Before you start planning your destination wedding, it's essential to research the legal requirements of the chosen location. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding marriage, and understanding these beforehand will help you make informed decisions. Check whether the destination recognises foreign marriages and what documentation is required.

Legal Recognition in Australia

Australia recognises marriages performed overseas, but certain criteria must be met for the union to be legally binding. The marriage must comply with the laws of the country where it took place, and you'll need to provide evidence of a valid overseas marriage when registering it in Australia.

Obtaining a Marriage Certificate

After the wedding, ensure you obtain a legal marriage certificate from the relevant overseas authorities. This document serves as proof of your marriage and is crucial for the recognition process back home. Some countries may issue an international marriage certificate, while others may require you to obtain a certified translation.

Lodging Your Marriage Overseas with the Australian Government

To have your overseas marriage recognised in Australia, you'll need to register it with the Australian government. This involves submitting a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form to the Australian embassy or consulate in the country where the wedding occurred. Be sure to check the specific requirements of the embassy or consulate to avoid any delays.

Witnesses and Legal Requirements

Ensure your overseas wedding complies with the legal requirements of the chosen destination. Some countries may have specific rules regarding witnesses, waiting periods, and other formalities. Familiarise yourself with these regulations to avoid any surprises on your big day.

Tying the Knot in Australia but Having Your Ceremony Abroad 

Some couples opt to have their marriage legally completed at the registry office prior to leaving, or on return, from their "wedding" overseas. They choose to have a ceremony and reception aboard, but finalise the legalities here in Australia to mitigate the complexities of obtaining the correct documentation for a marriage to be recognised in Australia if done overseas.

Seeking Legal Advice

Navigating the legalities of an overseas wedding can be complex, so seeking legal advice is a wise step. We highly recommend to consult with a family lawyer or legal expert who specialises in international marriages to ensure you've covered all necessary aspects and that your marriage is legally recognised both overseas and in Australia. 

While the allure of an overseas wedding is undeniable, understanding the legalities is crucial to ensure your marriage is not only a romantic celebration abroad but also a legally recognised union back home in Australia. By carefully navigating the legal requirements, obtaining the necessary documentation, and seeking professional advice when needed, you can embark on your international marriage adventure with confidence and peace of mind. Cheers to love, adventure, and a legally binding union!

Can I Claim GST on an Engagement Ring if Travelling Overseas?

Can I Claim GST on an Engagement Ring if Travelling Overseas?

This question often arises when a couple has recently acquired their new engagement ring from us and are preparing for an overseas holiday. In this blog, we aim to outline the essential details to help you grasp the process of claiming GST on an engagement ring purchased in Australia when traveling abroad.

In essence, you can reclaim GST on your ring when traveling overseas. However, upon your return to Australia, you must declare it, leading to the obligation of paying the GST upon re-entry into the country. So, to simplify, if you are a tourist purchasing your engagement ring from us in Australia, you can claim back the GST when departing the country. In contrast, an Australian citizen may not enjoy the same benefits. Let me delve deeper into this explanation; stay with me for further clarification... 

Are you a visitor in Australia contemplating a diamond purchase, or are you abroad planning to make a transaction with us? The Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) may seem perplexing, but we're here to simplify the process of making a purchase from an Australian retailer and guide you on how to save while buying in Australia as a tourist.

Travellers departing Australia have the opportunity to claim a refund on Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) through the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS), managed by the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force (ABF). This applies to goods purchased from a registered GST retailer with an Australian Business Number (ABN). However, it's essential to note that TRS doesn't cover services like accommodation or travel, and claims cannot be made for products that don't include GST. Crew members of aircraft or ships are also excluded from the scheme.

To understand the TRS process better, consider the following key points:

  1. The 60 Days Rule: The 60 days rule, often a source of confusion, starts from the final payment and pick-up date mentioned on the invoice. Custom-made designs with longer completion times are eligible as long as the final balance was paid and goods were picked up within 60 days of travel.

  2. Physical Goods and Original Invoice: To claim TRS, present the physical goods and original invoice at the TRS desk at the airport. The item will be verified against the details on the invoice.

  3. TRS Desks at Airports: Major Australian airports typically have two TRS desks – one before check-in and one after passport control. For jewellery claims, it's recommended to use the desk after passport control.

  4. Goods Claimed Through TRS: Items claimed through TRS cannot be brought back into Australia. Re-entry with these items will result in GST charges, and they must be declared upon entry.

  5. Options for GST Refund: Approved TRS claims offer three refund options: deposit funds into a nominated credit card, deposit into a bank account, or receive a cheque. The credit card option is usually the quickest, taking around 5 days.

  6. Online Claim: Expedite the refund process by making an online claim before reaching the airport at

For additional information on the TRS scheme, visit