Frequently Asked questions


How long does a custom ring take to make?

We allow 6-8 weeks for a custom ring to be created, however, as we approach Christmas, this timeframe can extend to 8-10 weeks. We are able to provide updates at any time throughout the manufacturing process and we also have the ability to place an urgent order for those requiring their piece in a specific timeframe.

Do all mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds come with a certification?

We are pleased to provide independently certified diamonds. Morgan & Co’s diamonds come with a certification from one of either of the two Internationally recognised labs - The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Why don't you have a shop front?

At Morgan & Co, we decided to create a truly personal experience for our clients. We offer a by appointment service either in our intimate Buderim studio or via virtual means (Zoom or Google Meets). We accommodate your schedule as we appreciate life can get busy and when it comes to a surprise engagement, it's often difficult for men, or women, to find time to come in without their partner knowing.

Where is the jewellery made?

Morgan & Co pride themselves on having all of their custom made jewellery designed and created here in Australia. Our master jewellers are located in South Australia.

Where are Morgan & Co’s diamonds sourced?

Morgan & Co are able to source diamonds and precious gemstones from all over the world, allowing us to provide the highest quality at all times.

How much are engagement rings?

Morgan & Co can design an engagement ring to any realistic price point. We pride ourselves on making everyone’s dreams come true, no matter the price point.

Can any of Morgan & Co’s rings be changed slightly after they have been made?

Yes, we can modify the finish, the metal the ring is made of and diamonds can be interchanged with other precious or semi precious stones.

Do you offer a warranty?

Morgan & Co offers a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship on all of our rings. If there is wear and tear or accidental damage, we will endeavor to repair the item at a competitive cost. We recommend that your ring be checked by our master jeweller every six months, free of charge.

Can my ring be resized?

Morgan & Co take care to make sure that your ring will be a perfect fit. If your ring does need resizing, we offer one complementary resize. Resizing is possible in almost all cases, however there may be a case where resizing is not possible. We will inform you before your purchase if your ring cannot be resized.

How do I insure my ring?

Morgan & Co do not provide  insurance, we will provide a valuation certificate for insurance purposes. This will help the insurance company guide you through the process in the event of a claim. Morgan & Co recommends Centrestone Jewellery Insurance.

Why are there no prices listed on the website?

The size and the weight of the diamond or gemstone, as well as the ring’s specific characteristics, will always be different with every ring we design. Each unique piece has its own unique price which makes it impossible to provide prices on our website. Tell us what you love and we’ll work with your price point to make you something unforgettable.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

The amount you should spend on an engagement ring depends on your financial situation, personal preferences, and the expectations of your partner. A common guideline is to spend about two to three months' worth of your salary, but ultimately, the right amount is what you feel comfortable and happy with. Open communication with your partner about expectations and budget is crucial. At Morgan & Co, we work to your budget. We source a diamond for you and your price point so you are left with a quality engagement ring without paying too much.

Is bespoke jewellery expensive?

There is a common misconception that boutique jewellers are more expensive. In actual fact the quality is higher and the price is often less. Boutique jewellers often prioritise quality over quantity, which can contribute to their reputation for higher quality products compared to mass production jewellers. Boutique jewellers offer customisation and a personalised services, allowing customers to have a say in the design and details of their jewellery. This level of customisation ensures that each piece is tailored to the individual's preferences and specifications. While mass production jewellers aim for broad appeal, boutique jewellers can cater to specific tastes and styles, resulting in a more unique and high-quality product.