At Morgan & Co, we understand that modifying an engagement ring can feel like a delicate dance.

This precious piece of jewellery isn't just about sparkle and shine; it's steeped in sentimentality and memories too.

The thought of altering your treasured token might seem daunting. After all, how do you balance the desire for change with preserving its sentimental value?

But here's the good news: modifying, or remodelling, an engagement ring doesn't mean erasing its history. Instead, it’s about breathing new life into something that already holds so much meaning to you.

In this blog, we will be tackling the reasons why you might want to modify, or give new life, to your ring, and ways you can do it while reserving its sentimental value.

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Reasons to Modify an Engagement Ring

Transforming your engagement ring can be an exciting endeavour, akin to breathing new life into something already precious. The reasons for such modifications often revolve around evolving trends or improved financial capacity over time, resulting in the creation of an even more exquisite piece.

It's Out of Style

Fashion trends change over time, even in jewellery. If your original ring doesn't match the modern diamond engagement ring trends anymore, consider an update. 

In fact, through expert modification work, a ring that was once considered 'out of style' can be refashioned into a contemporary masterpiece.You can add extra sparkle by replacing the centre stone with a larger diamond or changing from a solitaire engagement ring setting to something more modern. Check out our engagement rings for inspiration.

You Can Finally Afford It

If your financial circumstances have improved since getting engaged, upgrading your existing rings may seem appealing. 

This newfound prosperity may inspire diamond jewellery enthusiasts to indulge themselves by opting for luxurious modifications on their rings. This could involve adding bigger diamonds or choosing higher quality metals for the band.

You Inherited Diamonds

If someone special has left you their precious stones, incorporating them into your current rings will give them new life while keeping their memory alive too. In such cases, our experts at Morgan & Co can help with redesigning according to these unique pieces.

Your Milestone Anniversary Is Around the Corner

An upcoming milestone anniversary offers another reason for modifying an existing piece of jewellery - whether it's transforming an eternity ring by adding more diamonds around the band or resetting an original diamond in a new way on a wedding band.

In each case above, we recommend consulting with professional jewellers who understand how best to bring about desired changes without compromising the integrity of the original item.

Explore diverse ways to upgrade without losing sentimental value next.

Diverse Ways to Modify an Engagement Ring

If revamping sounds appealing but overwhelming due to the myriad of options available, fear not. Our next section will delve deeper into how you can change stones and metals, as well as alter setting styles and other design elements, to create truly bespoke jewellery.

Upgrade Your Centre Stone for a Dramatic Impact

When it comes to making a dramatic transformation to your engagement ring, upgrading the centre stone is a standout option. Consider replacing it with a larger diamond to infuse fresh energy into this cherished piece of jewellery.

If you desire sparkle while being mindful of ethical considerations, lab-grown diamonds offer a fantastic alternative. These stunning gems provide the same brilliance with a reduced environmental impact and often at a lower cost.

Adding coloured gemstones is another creative way to personalise an existing design. Using Rubies, Sapphires, or Emeralds for an engagement ring centre stone is a rising trend nowadays.


Modify the Metal Type for a Fresh Look

The choice of metal in your ring plays a crucial role in its overall aesthetic appeal. A platinum engagement ring exudes modern sophistication while maintaining timeless elegance with its cool sheen and durability.

  1. For a touch of warmth without sacrificing classic charm, consider shifting towards yellow gold.
  2. If versatility is important to you, white gold offers a neutral tone that beautifully complements every skin tone and pairs well with various outfit colour palettes.
  3. Rose gold has gained popularity recently due to its romantic blush undertones, making it a perfect choice for those seeking something slightly different yet still within the realm of tradition.

When considering ways to modify your engagement ring, there are myriad options available, from adding more stones and changing settings to altering the style and making other amendments that reflect the stage of your relationship. 

Modernize Your Setting For an Updated Look

The setting can dramatically alter how an engagement ring looks; change yours up! Consider going from prong set stones on your current ring, which hold each individual gem securely yet visibly, to something like bezel settings where gems are fully encased in metal for added protection while still showcasing their beauty perfectly well.

Examples: Add a Twist to Your Original Ring Design

  • Eternity Band: Convert your solitaire engagement ring into an eternity band design – this will add lots of shine as every angle catches light!
  • Halo Addition: Adding halo(s) around the centre diamond gives the illusion of a bigger size while also increasing overall brilliance because they reflect off each other beautifully!


Each of these modifications contributes to creating bespoke pieces that resonate with your individual stories and preferences. Ultimately, each woman should have the chance to see her wishes fulfilled.

Next, let us delve deeper into understanding the process of modifying your engagement ring and why professional guidance is crucial.

Key Takeaway: 


Whether it's upgrading the centre stone for a dazzling transformation, adding a splash of colour with gemstones or switching up the metal type for a fresh look - there are countless ways to breathe new life into your cherished piece. Remember, every tweak reflects your unique journey together and adds an extra sprinkle of personal meaning.

The Process of Modifying Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, filled with sentimentality. When you're contemplating modifications to it, our experienced jewellers at Morgan & Co are ready to guide you every step of the way.

Assessing Current Rings

The initial phase in this journey involves examining your existing ring. Perhaps its charm could be enhanced or maybe an update to its style is what's needed, while maintaining its original essence. The goal here is identifying changes that make it more 'you', without losing any part of its allure. Book a complimentary consultation with our Morgan & Co professionals to get the guidance you need.

Identifying Desired Changes

You might consider adding accents such as petite gemstones flanking the centre stone for extra sparkle and character. These subtle enhancements can dramatically uplift your ring's aesthetic appeal without compromising on its unique design.

If there's uncertainty about which modifications would best suit your desires, don't hesitate. Our team has years' worth of experience in crafting bespoke pieces that tell individual stories, just like yours. Contact us and we'll be in touch sooner than you can say 'modify my engagement ring'!

Jeweller Consultation: Expert Guidance

Sometimes, you might plan the modifications you desire only to learn that they're not possible to execute. That's why involving professionals early on ensures alignment between your desired alterations and structural feasibility while preserving sentimental value. 

At Morgan & Co, we take pride in delivering meticulously crafted Australian-made pieces tailored specifically to personal tastes and preferences. Have a chat with us and start your journey towards a successfully modified engagement ring.


Modifying an engagement ring isn't just a whim; it's an art form.

It allows you to breathe new life into your cherished symbol of love while preserving its sentimental value.

Morgan & Co, located on Australia's Sunshine Coast, is here to guide you through this exciting journey.

We work meticulously with our clients, using ethically sourced diamonds, to bring beautiful bespoke jewellery pieces or modified engagement rings to life.

So if you're considering modifying your engagement ring, book an appointment and let us assist you in creating something that not only shines brighter but also carries forward the memories embedded within it.

FAQs in Relation to Modify Engagement Ring

Can you modify an engagement ring?

Absolutely, your engagement ring can be modified. Changes could include altering the setting style, adding more stones, or even switching up the metal type.

How much does it cost to modify an engagement ring?

The price for modifying an engagement ring varies widely based on the changes made. Swapping out gemstones and metals will generally incur a higher cost.

Is it cheaper to customise an engagement ring?

Sometimes customising can be more cost-effective than purchasing off-the-shelf designs, especially when opting for lab-grown diamonds or less expensive metals. However, intricate custom designs may result in increased costs.

What to do if I dislike my engagement ring?

If you're not fond of your current sparkler, consider having it modified. You have the option to make small tweaks or significant alterations based on your preferences and budget constraints.