Carolyn & Adam

We recently had the pleasure of assisting beautiful couple, Carolyn & Adam, with creating their forever engagement ring — The Carolyn Ring.

Read on for an exclusive interview, which details their special proposal journey and experience with our Morgan & Co Bespoke Team.

Q. Was there anything in particular that drew you to work with us?

A. “A female run business”. 

In the heart of Buderim, nestled on a charming corner street, you'll find a family-run business that radiates warmth and inspiration. Meet Laura and her daughter Morgan, the dynamic female duo behind Morgan & Co. Together, they have woven a tapestry of passion, dedication, and creativity, proudly leading the way in their female-run venture. Their business is more than just commerce; it's a labour of love, a testament to the bond between a mother and daughter. With every engagement ring they craft, every client they have the pleasure of meeting, they create magic, not just in their pieces but in the hearts of everyone who steps through their doors. Proving that when family unites, dreams flourish. 

Q. Which ring did you choose/design for your forever piece, and why?

A. “My partner, Adam, designed The Carolyn Ring with the guidance of the team at Morgan & Co. We loved the ability to customise and create”.

When Adam embarked on his journey to find the perfect engagement ring for Carolyn, he knew they wanted something truly unique, a symbol of their one-of-a-kind love story. His search led them to Morgan & Co. What truly set Morgan & Co apart was their commitment to customisation. Adam was involved in every step of the design process, from selecting the finest ethically sourced diamond to intricately crafting the band, which is a twisted diamond band - a reflection and a nod to Carolyn’s love for snakes. Morgan & Co's dedication to their craft and their genuine enthusiasm for the couple's ideas made the experience unforgettable. The result? An engagement ring that not only symbolises their love but also encapsulates their unique personalities and story. For Adam and Carolyn, choosing Morgan & Co was more than a transaction; it was the first chapter in their forever love story, beautifully encapsulated in a ring of their own creation.

Q. What was your favourite part of your Morgan & Co experience?

A. “The ease of communication and personalised approach. Laid back process”.

Crafting the perfect engagement ring with Morgan & Co was a breeze for Adam and Carolyn. The team's laid-back approach put them at ease from the start. With every meeting, they felt like they were chatting with old friends, and the design process flowed effortlessly. Morgan & Laura ensure they make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. They provide a  combined professionalism with a welcoming, laid-back vibe, resulting in an engagement ring that perfectly mirrors their client’s love—uncomplicated, beautiful, and full of joy.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your proposal.

A. “We were in Sorrento, Italy & had spent the night out drinking cocktails & dining. We were walking along the cliff face looking out to Vesuvius & Adam dropped the knee”.

Adam's Five Star Review 

" Morgan & Co were absolutely wonderful to deal with. They are there with you through every step of the process and are there to help you design that perfect piece. Contacting them is always easy and I received responses very quickly. Couldn't be happier with the results"! 


September 09, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin