Diamond Engagement Rings - the embodiment of a promise, a symbol of commitment and love.

This is no ordinary piece of jewellery. It's an investment in your future together, an expression of shared dreams and hopes.

Choosing the perfect diamond size for your engagement ring can feel like an intimidating task. Fear not! This guide will navigate you through these sparkling waters smoothly while shedding light on what truly matters when selecting that special token for your beloved one or yourself.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Diamond Size

Choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring is a unique love affair. It's about more than just picking out Australia's finest diamond engagement rings; it’s about understanding what factors come into play when deciding on that specific diamond cut and size.

1. Go with the Flow: Average Sizes of Diamonds in Australia

In your quest for the perfect diamond engagement ring, understanding carat weight is paramount. So let's start with a few quick facts on what carat weight means.

In the jewellery world, one carat equals 200 milligrams or 0.007 ounces, but here's where things get interesting.

A doubling in carats doesn't equate to double size visually due to how diamonds are cut and proportioned - a common misconception among many prospective buyers.

The average size of diamonds used in diamond engagement rings handmade across Australia varies, but typically ranges between 1.0 to 1.5 carats.

However, at Morgan & Co, we believe there are no set rules - each couple should choose what resonates with their personal style and values. Book your complimentary consultation for some more in-depth guidance on what diamond fits best for your individual needs and desires!

2. Finger Size and Perception

Your partner’s finger size can be instrumental when deciding on that perfect stone for their engagement ring – larger stones may look overwhelming on petite hands while smaller ones might seem lost on more robust fingers.

A princess cut might look larger on slender fingers while round cuts may suit fuller fingers better. 

We recommend trying various engagement ring designs, ensuring you find your perfect match from our collection of Sydney Midas jewellery.

Solitaire engagement rings have long been favourites because they beautifully highlight any sized centre stone irrespective of hand shape or finger length - making them versatile options amidst all types of diamond rings today.

3. Lifestyle Considerations

A high-quality engagement ring will be part of your daily life once you say 'yes'. Therefore, consider how different sizes fit into your lifestyle before making a decision.

Smaller diamonds could be more practical if you lead an active lifestyle or work with your hands regularly. While if you have a sedentary office job, a bigger diamond won't pose any complications.

In addition,  If you or your significant other regularly wear jewellery, then a bigger diamond size is better for shining the spotlight at the engagement ring.

4. Budget Matters

While we all dream of sporting massive rocks on our fingers, reality often calls for compromise. The budget you've set aside will inevitably influence your choice of diamond size - but remember: bigger isn't always better.

Don't worry if money is an issue; you can still find stunning diamonds at more affordable prices. Smaller yet high-quality diamonds can offer breathtaking brilliance at wallet-friendly prices.

In fact, diamonds under 0.50 CT have gained popularity for their understated elegance and affordability, being sold for under $1,000. This makes them ideal if you're seeking a minimalist style without sacrificing beauty or quality.

We understand budget plays an important role too! Whether you're looking at rose gold bands encrusted with petite stones or white gold settings featuring one significant sparkler, we offer custom-made engagement rings within all price points, without compromising quality!

Remember that choosing the right sized diamond isn't solely based on societal norms or even beauty standards alone—it's also about considering practical aspects like comfortability during everyday wear as well as affordability.

Have a chat with us! Let us know what your budget and requirements are, and we'll get you the diamond you're looking for.

At Morgan & Co, we’re proud to be Australia’s leading destination for those seeking stunningly crafted Australian jewellery pieces using ethically sourced diamonds alongside highest quality precious metals.


Understanding How Diamond Cuts and Shapes Affect Size

While carat size is important, it's not everything. Several other factors go into how your final engagement ring design will look, such as cut and shape.

Diamond cuts are not just about the sparkle. They can visually lengthen or shorten fingers while also impacting brilliance and light reflection.

In essence, it's a delicate dance between cut and shape to bring out the diamond's best features.

1. The Brilliant Cut: Maximising Sparkle

A brilliant-cut, often seen in fine jewellery, is designed to maximise sparkle. 

This round shape tends to look smaller than other cuts of equal carat weight because its 58 facets are angled for maximum light reflection rather than size.

2. Oval and Marquise Cuts: Elongated Elegance

An oval or marquise cut makes a high-quality engagement ring appear larger due to their elongated shapes. 

These elegant designs stretch along the finger, creating an illusion of greater size compared with rounder counterparts.

3. Princess and Cushion Cuts: Square Sophistication

Square-shaped princess or cushion cuts offer another option when shopping around for engagement rings that mark significant moments. 

With more surface area visible from above, these styles tend to make diamonds look bigger too.

4. Pear Cut: Unique Love Affair

Intriguingly shaped like a teardrop, pear-cut diamonds present a unique love affair between traditional rounds and stylish marquises. 

This distinctive design can make even small stones seem impressively sized while adding an element of individuality to your custom made engagement ring combined with the highest quality precious metals available at Australia's leading engagement ring destination - Morgan & Co!

These are only a few of the vast cuts and shapes you can find at Morgan & Co, book an appointment with us in our studio on the glamorous Sunshine Coast, or meet us virtually to discuss your perfect engagement ring.

So now we've talked about shapes and cuts; let’s delve into why quality matters more than just carat weight when choosing your special gemstone. In our next section 'The Importance of Diamond Quality and Clarity', we'll uncover this fascinating aspect.


The Importance of Diamond Quality and Clarity

Choosing a diamond for your special occasion is not just about the carat weight. The allure lies in its quality, particularly when it comes to diamond solitaires, where all eyes are on one magnificent gemstone.

'A high-quality diamond isn't defined by size alone but rather an intricate blend of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight - commonly known as the 4Cs.'

- Morgan & Co Jewellery Experts

Determining Exceptional Quality in Diamonds

A well-cut diamond brilliantly reflects light from facet to facet before dispersing it through the top of the stone. This internal play of light results in that sought-after sparkle.

In terms of colour grading, diamonds range from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Those closer to D have fewer impurities and hence fetch higher prices. As for clarity, this measures how free a diamond is from blemishes or inclusions which can impact its brilliance.


How the Stone Setting of an Engagement Ring Affects its Size Appearance

If you're searching for diamond engagement rings in Australia, it's crucial to consider not only the size of your ideal diamond but also how its setting will impact its appearance. The stone setting can significantly influence how large or small your specific diamond cut appears.

1. Solitaire Settings

The solitaire is one of the most timeless engagement ring designs. 

This design showcases a single, standout diamond and often utilises high-quality precious metals.

Due to their simplicity, solitaires allow your perfect diamond to take centre stage and may create the illusion of larger size for smaller diamonds.

2. Halo Settings

If extravagance is more your style, halo ring styles might just catch your eye.

A halo setting surrounds your chosen gem with a 'halo' of smaller stones, enhancing its sparkle and perceived size.

This style can be paired with any specific diamond cut, from princess cut to round brilliant, making it versatile for all styles.

3. Bezel Settings

In contrast, bezel settings feature a rim that encases the entire circumference of the stone. 

While this provides excellent protection for your gemstone, it might make larger diamonds appear slightly smaller due to less light refraction.

4. Prong Setting

The prong setting is one of the most popular choices for handmade diamond engagement rings.

This setting style features four to six metal claws that hold the stone securely while allowing maximum light exposure. 

The advantage here is that it makes even modest-sized diamonds appear larger and more brilliant due to increased light reflection.

5. Pavé Setting

If you're after a diamond engagement ring with a bit of sparkle, consider a pavé setting.

Small diamonds are set closely together around the band, creating an illusion of continuous sparkle which enhances both size and brilliance perception.

6. Channel Setting

A channel setting offers another unique design when it comes to high-quality engagement ring designs. 

Here, smaller diamonds are set into grooves along either side of the band, making this design ideal for those seeking a balance between showcasing their specific diamond cut without overpowering its beauty with additional stones.

These and many more setting types play a crucial role in deciding how big or small your diamond size will appear on the final ring design. 

But remember that no matter what type of setting you decide on, ensure that every aspect aligns perfectly with both yours and your partner’s tastes as well as lifestyle needs.

Your unique love story deserves an equally distinctive symbol - whether you choose a signature Morgan & Co engagement ring or opt for a custom-made engagement ring

Morgan & Co is always here ready to assist our clients in finding their dream piece among Australia’s finest Diamond Engagement Rings!




From understanding carat weight and its influence on size perception to considering various factors in choosing your diamond size - you've learned how each element plays a crucial role.

The world of engagement ring designs is vast; so there's something for everyone. And remember, customisation is always an option if you're after something truly unique!

Your dream engagement ring awaits at Morgan & Co! Crafted with love on Australia's Sunshine Coast using ethically sourced diamonds, we're here to help bring your vision to life. Explore our exquisite collection or let us create a bespoke piece just for you.

FAQs in Relation to Diamond Engagement Ring

Is $5,000 a lot for an engagement ring?

While it depends on personal budget and taste, $5,000 is considered mid-range for diamond engagement rings in Australia. It can secure a quality piece with a decent size and clarity.

Is $1,000 a lot for an engagement ring?

In the context of diamond rings, $1,000 may limit your options to smaller diamonds or simpler designs. However, it's still possible to find lovely pieces within this range.

How much is a typical diamond engagement ring?

The average cost of a one-carat diamond engagement ring in Australia ranges from around $4,500 to upwards, depending on the cut quality and design complexity.

Is a $10,000 engagement ring expensive?

A price tag of $10,000 will typically fetch high-quality diamonds with exceptional clarity or intricate designs. So yes, it’s towards the pricier end but reflects premium attributes.