Engagement rings have evolved over time, with East-to-West designs emerging as a new take from traditional settings. This style, where the main stone is set horizontally across the finger, creates a statement of individuality and modern elegance. Let's delve into why white diamonds and specific coloured gemstone cuts flourish in this design, as well as the pros and cons of East-to-West engagement rings. We will explore why our Buderim jewellery studio, located on Australia's Sunshine Coast, is the perfect place to explore the east-to-west setting and begin the journey of your custom made engagement ring. 

Preferred Gemstone Cuts For East-to-West Engagement Ring Setting

White Diamonds

The elongated cuts of emerald, radiant, oval and marquise-shaped diamonds often excel in East-to-West settings. Their horizontal orientation elongates the finger while showcasing the stone's brilliance across the width of the band.

Coloured Gemstones

Certain cuts, like the elongated oval, pear, or cushion cuts in coloured gemstones, lend themselves beautifully to this style. These cuts bring a vibrant touch, accentuating the uniqueness of the East-to-West setting. At Morgan & Co, Sunshine Coast jewellers, we have created a range of coloured gemstones set in the east-to-west setting, including a baguette cut Australian Sapphires set east-to-west, as well as an emerald cut parti sapphire and an oval cut aquamarine. At Morgan & Co, we have access to a wide range of coloured gemstones of the highest quality and we can bring these certified gemstones in for you to view and try on prior to purchasing. We work within your price point, allowing you to end up with the perfect engagement ring without paying too much. 

Book your free consultation at our Buderim jewellery studio here. We are located just a short drive from Perigian Beach, Noosa and Caloundra, so if you are looking for engagement rings in these Sunshine Coast areas, you can chat with our bespoke team and begin your custom made journey. 

Pros of East-to-West Engagement Rings

Distinctive Appeal - The horizontal orientation of the stone stands out, setting this style apart from traditional rings.

Finger Elongation - The sideways setting can visually elongate the wearer's finger, offering a flattering and sleek appearance.

Modern Aesthetic - East-to-West designs exude a contemporary and chic vibe, appealing to those seeking a fresh take on a classic symbol.

Cons of East-to-West Engagement Rings

Practicality Concerns - The horizontal stone setting might occasionally snag or catch on clothing or objects due to its sideways orientation. We don't believe this to be any more truer than a traditionally set stone, however. 

Potential Sizing Constraints - Resizing an East-to-West ring can be more complicated due to the stone's horizontal placement.

Limited Versatility - The distinctiveness of this style might limit the range of wedding band options that complement the engagement ring.

At Morgan & Co, we always consider your wedding band when designing your engagement ring. We look longterm when settling on a design to ensure your options remain open for when the time comes to select your wedding ring. This is something many off the self rings don't consider and can result in issues down the line. We have remodelled many engagement rings, having to lift the setting for client's who have purchased rings from other jewellers who did not design their ring to fit a wedding band flush with their engagement ring. This is not something you need to worry about when designing your own engagement ring at Morgan & Co. Our experienced staff want to ensure your ring is practical, suits your lifestyle, is of the highest quality, is aesthetically beautiful and will last for generations to come. 

East-to-West engagement rings offer a fresh perspective, redefining tradition with their unique layout. Whether adorned with white diamonds or coloured gemstones, this design choice celebrates individuality and contemporary style. Consider the practicality alongside the aesthetic allure when choosing this unconventional yet striking engagement ring style.

If you are interested in consulting our experienced team about your east-to-west engagement ring, please contact us to book your free studio or virtual consultation at our Sunshine Coast Jewellery Studio. 

December 15, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin