Welcome to Morgan & Co! We are a Sunshine Coast Jeweller who are considered among the best on the Coast for exquisite custom made engagement rings and our remodelling expertise. There are several reasons why we are rated Sunshine Coast's number one jeweller and in this blog we are going to cover some of the many aspects that contribute to our reputation. 

Quality Craftsmanship

We are  known for our high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating one of a kind and trending engagement rings on the Sunshine Coast. Our pieces exhibit fine workmanship and excellent design aesthetics. Our master jewellers are located in Australia and have decades of experience in the field of fine jewellery. 


Diverse Collection

At Morgan & Co, Sunshine Coast Jewellers, we offer a diverse collection of engagement rings, including various styles, settings, and gemstone options. The  variety we offer allows our clients to find engagement rings and wedding bands that suit their individual tastes and preferences. View our bespoke collection of engagement rings, Sunshine Coast, here


Our ability to create custom-made engagement rings tailored to our clients preferences sets Morgan & Co apart from your large retailers. We excel in providing personalised design services, allowing our clients to create unique and one-of-a-kind rings, rather than the off the self alternative that has less sentimental value. Your love is one of a kind, so why shouldn't your engagement ring be? 
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Experience and Reputation

Our reputation is built on years of experience and positive client feedback. Visit our Google reviews and read from our beautiful client's experiences. The only thing more important to us than the pieces we create, are the relationships we build. At Morgan & Co, Sunshine Coast based jewellers, we are grateful for the trust you instil in us and we feel honoured to share in such special moments in your lives.

Customer Service

Morgan & Co, your number one jewellers on the Sunshine Coast, offer exceptional customer service, including attentive guidance, transparency and attention to detail. We are proud of our positive interactions and our supportive approach toward our clients.

Ethical Practices

We understand how important our clients value ethical sourced and sustainable practices in the jewellery design and manufacturing process. At Morgan & Co, your Buderim jewellers, we specialise in all diamond cuts, including, brilliant round diamonds, this sets us apart in the market, as these diamonds are highly sought after for their classic and timeless appeal. At Morgan & Co, each diamond you receive is certified and ethically sourced. We hold the environment and ethical practices close to our heart when creating your engagement rings and fine jewellery. 

Educational Support

At Morgan & Co, we provide educational support to our clients so they are fully informed about what they are spending their money on. We offer guidance on the 4 C's (cut, colour, clarity, carat weight) when helping our clients make informed decisions about their custom made engagement ring. 

Understanding Personal Preferences

Establishing a long-term relationship allows Morgan & Co to understand their clients' preferences, styles, and specific desires for their engagement rings. This understanding can lead to better recommendations and personalised service.
Assistance Beyond the Purchase

A commitment to lasting relationships means providing support beyond the initial purchase. At Morgan & Co we provide ongoing assistance with ring maintenance, resizing, upgrades, or even guidance for future jewellery purchases.

Special Occasions and Milestones

We are also considered the best in the business for wedding jewellery on the Sunshine Coast - you can read more here about being rated the best jeweller on the Sunshine Coast for wedding jewellery here. 
As relationships develop, clients return to Morgan & Co for other special occasions, such as wedding bands, anniversary gifts, or other milestone celebrations. Building a relationship ensures ongoing support and tailored service. Visit our beautiful and intimate studio located at the top of Buderim for your free consultation. We are a short drive from Perigian Beach and Noosa so you can easily visit us for your engagement ring if you are local on here on holidays. We offer both in studio and virtual consultations. 


At Morgan & Co, your leading Sunshine Coast jeweller, we view an engagement ring as a symbol of commitment and love. Building lasting relationships with our clients during this significant life event creates a sense of trust. Morgan & Co, Sunshine Coast Jewellery, forgers lasting relationships with our clients. We do not see your journey ending when you pick up your beautiful ring. We are here to provide ongoing service and advice on anything related to fine jewellery.
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December 12, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin