At Morgan & Co, Sunshine Coast jewellery design studio, we understand that finding the ideal engagement ring for every hand shape is essential. Embracing the uniqueness of each individual, we've curated a selection of engagement ring styles that beautifully complement and flatter chubby, or larger, fingers. Let's explore the styles designed to grace these hands with elegance and sophistication.

Elongated Shapes for Balance

Elongated diamond shapes, such as oval, marquise, and pear cuts, are excellent choices for chubby fingers. These shapes create an illusion of length, accentuating the fingers and creating a more slender appearance. Take The Carolyn Ring for example, this is a beautiful design that helps to elongate a finger that is on the chubby side. The Stevie Ring is another beautiful example of a solitaire engagement ring that features a pear cut diamond. The elongated shape of a pear is flattering on the finger and the point really helps to make the finger appear longer. 

Bold and Statement Settings

Opt for wider bands or settings with intricate details to complement chubby fingers. Statement rings with wider bands draw attention and balance the finger's width, creating a stunning and proportional look. View our Laurel Ring, which is a wonderful example of a ring that is bold and perfect for a chubby engagement ring finger.

Bezel and Halo Designs

Bezel-set rings or those with halo settings offer a chic and sophisticated touch. These designs encircle the centre stone, adding visual interest and drawing the eye towards the stone rather than the width of the finger. The Veronica Ring can be made in rose, white or yellow gold and in platinum and is a perfect option for a larger finger.

Three-Stone Brilliance

Consider three-stone rings with side stones or accents. This style not only symbolises past, present, and future but also adds an elongating effect, creating a visually appealing balance on a wider finger. You can view an example of our three stone ring, called the Ellise Ring, here. This is a three stone, or trilogy, oval ring which helps to elongate the finger. The Janette Ring is another stunning option for a trilogy engagement ring. This ring is made in two toned yellow and white gold and features three emerald cut diamonds. 

Vintage and Floral Inspirations

Vintage-inspired or floral-themed rings featuring intricate designs or filigree details divert attention from finger width and add a touch of romance and elegance. The Laurel Ring is a stunning bespoke floral engagement ring design and perfect for a chubby finger. If you are looking for a vintage style ring to help flatter your hand, you may opt for something like The Sophie Ring.

Book your free consultation at our Sunshine Coast based studio here to discuss options that work for your hand and finger size and shape. Our experienced team can help you try on different shapes and will be transparent with you in order to achieve an engagement ring that not only is stunning, but also suits your hand. 

At Morgan & Co, we pride ourselves on crafting engagement rings that celebrate individual beauty. Our collection includes a range of styles and designs, ensuring that every hand finds its perfect match. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal ring that complements and enhances the unique charm of your fingers. View our full range of custom made engagement rings, Sunshine Coast, here


Discovering the perfect engagement ring for chubby fingers is about finding balance, proportion, and a style that resonates with individual preferences. At Morgan & Co, our diverse collection of thoughtfully crafted rings ensures that every hand feels adorned and confident, celebrating love in its unique form.

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December 16, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin