The process of remodelling jewellery is emotional, rewarding and a great way to make a piece of jewellery your own and in your style by redesigning it so you love it and wear it everyday. 

We have remodelled many pieces of jewellery, such as engagement rings, anniversary gifts and heirloom pieces. Our small, experienced team works with you on your remodel concept and then brings it to life with results that you will love. We use the highest quality materials and ethically sourced lab grown or mined diamonds as well as coloured gemstones. Our master jewellers have decades of experience in crafting fine jewellery and we work within your budget to create something unforgettable. Why not get in touch with the team for your free, no obligation consultation and begin the process of transforming your old jewellery today?

Cindy’s Story

Cindy approached us with a handful of old rings, one of which was her engagement ring from her previous marriage. This particular ring had a stunning natural diamond which was over 1.50ct in size and was a beautiful colourless and high quality mined stone. It would have been a shame to sell it and not receive the money it was worth. It belonged in a beautiful piece that could capture and show off its beauty and reflect Cindy and her fiance. Cindy was getting married to the man of her dreams and their love story is a beautiful one. We sat down together, the four of us, and discussed the possibilities of creating something that they could cherish for the rest of their lives. Cindy also had a lot of small diamonds in other existing rings and pieces of jewellery that we could contribute to her new engagement ring. We were able to melt down and refine the gold of her rings to create a stunning 18ct yellow gold engagement ring that featured the brilliant round solitaire diamond, along with double shoulders that were lined with her existing small diamonds. Throughout this remodel process, we got to witness, first hand, the love that this couple had for one another - they had waited their entire life to find each other and we were lucky enough to have a small part in their love story. When we saw Cindy open her ring box and see her engagement ring for the first time, the happiness could not be more palpable. Congratulations Cindy and Graham. 

Liam’s Story 

Liam came in to see us one afternoon, he was a tall, strapping young man with the most genuine and large smile. He beamed as he told us how he planned to propose to his partner on their upcoming holiday. She had no idea that it was coming and he designed her ring entirely on his own, with a small amount of guidance and education from the team at Morgan & Co. Whilst this was not a remodel of an old piece as such, he did have some nuggets of gold that his partner had inherited from her grandfather. We were able to use this gold in her engagement ring band so now she wears her grandfather’s gold everyday on her finger and her engagement ring can now be passed through generations with that beautiful sentiment. 

Kathy’s Story 

Sadly, Kathy had recently lost her engagement ring so when she came in to see us she wasn’t sure if she was going to replicate it or create something new. We encouraged Kathy to bring in any old and preloved jewellery that she had in her wardrobe. When we sat down, we looked through all her pieces and each had a beautiful story attached to it. One of the items had a lovely ruby gemstone that was given to her from her late father when she was a small child. As we chatted about the past and her lovely memories, it was obvious that she should use these special pieces in her new engagement ring. We created a red ruby engagement ring in 18ct yellow gold and Kathy is so happy that she decided to create something new from something old. Not only do we get to see our client’s faces when they see their remodelled ring for the first time, we are lucky enough to hear their stories from the past and hear these special memories that they hold close to their hearts. 

Belinda’s Story

Belinda came in with her existing engagement ring. She was quite nervous because in the past her ring had been modified a few times and unfortunately she didn’t have a great experience with her previous jeweller, not ending up with a ring that she loved. Her engagement ring had a beautiful cushion cut natural diamond but the setting didn’t do it justice - it was too heavy and bulky and didn’t suit Belinda’s style. We were able to design something with Belinda and reassure her throughout the process that she will end up with a ring that she loves, as she deserves. The end result of her remodel is nothing less than perfect. It’s a stunning engagement ring in a fine and dainty setting with a dainty band, as requested. We were incredibly happy to see the smile on Belinda’s face when she was re-introduced to her new and improved ring and is now so proud of wearing it. It would be such a shame for a couple to spend so much money on an engagement ring that they didn’t love. 

Laura’s Story 

Laura’s mother passed away in 2022 and was left with her earrings, rings and bracelets. We melted down and remodelled all Laura’s late mother’s precious jewellery to create a beautiful gold bangle with a sentimental diamond placed in it. Laura now wears her mother’s pre-loved jewellery every day and is constantly reminded of her each time she looks at her wrist. 

Donna’s Story

Donna’s daughter was getting married in a few months and her mother wanted to present her with a beautiful and sentimental gift on her special day, so Donna had her mother’s diamond made into a necklace to give to her daughter. The diamond was designed to sit in a four claw petite setting on a fine chain and her daughter, Toni, wore it on her wedding day and was able to remember her Nanna while the diamond sat close to her heart on the most magical day of her life. 

Shane’s Story 

Shane contacted us one day about his late wife’s wedding band and loose stones that he was in possession of. Shane’s wife sadly passed away very suddenly over 20 years ago when their children were still very young. It was a devastating story to hear and we felt very honoured and a sense of responsibility when it came to this remodel. Shane and his late wife shared two girls together and one of their girls was getting married soon so he wished to create a ring for each of them and he would give one on his daughter’s wedding day. We had tears in our eyes as we heard this - what a beautiful sentiment and such a special gift to receive from your Dad. We used both Shane’s wedding band and his late wife’s band and melted them down to create two 9ct yellow gold rings, each ring featured their mum’s sapphire and peridot which were from her old jewellery and we introduced an aquamarine to each ring which is the birthstone of Shane. The end result was a beautiful ring each with their mother’s existing precious stones and their dad’s birthstone on a band that was made up of both of their wedding rings. This was the most sentimental and emotional remodel that we have done and we couldn’t be more honoured to be trusted with such a project. Thank you to Shane and his family. 

Aleisha’s Story 

Aleisha had an existing engagement ring which she had been given 7 years prior. It was a lovely yellow cushion cut diamond set in a halo of diamonds. The halo diamonds were not great quality so the contrast between the yellow and white diamonds was not enough. The yellow diamond was beautiful but the setting was a little bulky and took away from the beauty of the stone. Aleisha didn’t love her ring anymore, but loved what it represented - the love for her husband and their life they had built together. We sat down together and re-designed her ring, keeping its sentiment but creating something a little more modern and to her taste. We introduced some very high quality and colourless diamonds and placed them around the yellow diamond. This really enhanced the colour of the yellow centre stone and made it pop. We also changed the band to yellow gold as Aleisha had since being engaged started to wear yellow gold, rather than white gold. This new, two toned engagement ring, was re crafted and now looks absolutely stunning and Aleisha gets so excited each time she looks down at it and is proud once more to show it off.  

Client Testimonials

“I had an engagement ring custom made by Morgan & Co. The process was easy and they walked me through the whole process. They kept regular contact throughout which was really reassuring. Would recommend”.

“From planning to delivery, Morgan & Co made the remodelling of my jewellery a dream process. Attention to detail as to what my ideas were and the gentle way in which the girls guided me through the steps is very much appreciated. Couldn't be happier with the transformation of several sentimental pieces into two sets of jewellery I am extremely proud of. Many thanks Laura and Morgan”.

“I have just received the most amazing remodel of my engagement ring. I am in absolute awe. Morgan and Sandra have been amazing to work with both listening to my ideas whilst allowing the vision to come to life. They are patient, they are vision focused and give above and beyond. Many thanks”.

Morgan & Co are a small family owned business based on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Our office is located in Buderim but we also offer virtual appointments. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and we can help you remodel your old and pre-loved jewellery, creating something that you will adore once more, while keeping its sentiment. We are a by appointment only business and offer consultations outside of business hours to help with your busy schedule. We can’t wait to meet you! 

March 06, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin