When we think about major milestones and life events, getting engaged stands out as one of life’s big moments, as it should! It’s an incredibly exciting time and is surrounded by love and the excitement of your upcoming wedding and your future together and all the magical moments that will happen in between. 

At Morgan & Co, we offer a bespoke service that is individualised to you. We are meticulous in our design and creation processes, and have a relentless passion for elegance and quality, which ensures each piece is of the highest standard. If you’re considering a custom made engagement, read on to find out more about the process and how our team at Morgan & Co will guide you through the process every step of the way. 

What Is The First Step When Designing Your Custom Engagement Ring?

Once you get in touch with the team at Morgan & Co, we will set up a free, no obligation consultation and we use this time to get to know you (and your partner - if they are coming). Prior to coming into our office we will ask you to fill in our online questionnaire. We have one for men and one for the ladies. These questionnaires help us to be more prepared for our initial meeting and the inspirational images that you send help us further understand what style speaks to you. We make the process of designing your bespoke engagement ring an individualised journey and we feel it’s important to understand you, your style, your lifestyle, what you do for work, as this all plays an important role in the type of engagement ring that best suits you and your life. It’s important that your engagement ring stands the test of time, we want your Morgan & Co ring to be worn and loved by you, as well as generations to come. 

What's Next? 

Throughout our consultation, we will educate you on buying a diamond. It is important to us that you are well informed. An engagement ring is a big investment and like any investment, you should know what you’re spending your money on. There is a lot to know when it comes to choosing a diamond or precious stone and our design team are all trained in diamond grading and are experts in this field. We will narrow down the education of a diamond to the four C’s - carat, cut, clarity and colour - and we will inform you on what and where we can manipulate and alter things to best suit you, your budget and your desired outcome. 

Our diamond dealers are based in Melbourne CBD and once we narrow down the shape of the stone you love, we will have diamonds sent from Melbourne to show you. It’s important to us that you touch and feel the diamonds or gemstones so you can personally see the sparkle, size, clarity and the way the light magically bounces off the stone. We often have three stones sent so you can see the difference in size and quality and we can provide you with a quote based on your desired diamond. 

We have access to each and every fancy shaped diamond; round, marquise, pear, oval, cushion, princess, radiant and baguette, asscher and heart. We also deal in both lab grown, also known as ethical or cultured, diamonds and mined diamonds and we will educate you on the difference between the two so you can choose the type of diamond that is best for you and your partner. We also have experience in coloured gemstones and precious stones, such as aquamarine, emerald, sapphire and ruby - both in lab grown and natural. A coloured gemstone engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular in 2023 and we love creating a ring with a pop of colour! 

Our diamond dealers in Melbourne have access to the major diamond hubs globally so if we see a diamond online that we think is perfect for you, then we have men on the ground overseas who can physically look at that stone and will advise us if it is as good as it seems online. We are in a unique position where we choose your stone individually for you, based on your price point and what is important to you. Each and every diamond that leaves in a Morgan & Co box will be colourless, or near colourless, will have no inclusions to the naked eye or black, unwanted, marks and it will shine and sparkle. This is our promise to you. 

Designing Your Unique Engagement Ring…

At Morgan & Co, we have a file of designs that we have created previously that we can share with you for inspiration. We will talk through what you love about different designs that you have seen or ideas you like, and together, we will design the ring of your dreams. Once we design your ring, we will have our master jewellers create a drawing of your design, this will have the measurements and specifications of the ring and you are welcome to change this drawing as many times as you like until it's perfect. These drawings are complementary. Throughout this process, we will also help you choose the metal you want your ring to be made in. We can custom make any engagement ring in yellow, rose or white gold. We quite often create two tone rings, where the band is in yellow or rose gold and the setting in white gold. This allows the diamond to really shine and sparkle with the claws almost disappearing. These are the details we go through with you, educating you on the advantages of such design choices. 

The Manufacturing Process…. 

Once you choose to proceed with your stunning custom made engagement ring, we require a 50% deposit to secure the diamond and our master jewellers will commence production of your engagement ring right away. The turnaround time is approximately 8-10 weeks from the deposit being paid, but this can be expedited for a small fee should you require it sooner. Your ring will be made using the highest quality metals and is manufactured in Australia by jewellers who have been crafting fine jewellery and setting diamonds for decades.

Our Point of Difference...

  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty on band setting 
  • Individually selected diamond for you
  • We work within your price point 
  • Ethically sourced & certified diamonds
  • Australian made and designed
  • Insurance valuation estimate provided 
  • Complementary re-size offered if your ring is a little large or small

Custom designed and made in Australia - Our pieces are designed on the Sunshine Coast and made in Melbourne by our experienced jewellers.

Highest quality materials and ethically sourced diamonds - All our pieces are made from the finest quality precious metals and our diamonds are ethically sourced and certified.

Free consultation and design - all design appointments are free of charge and we offer free education along the way. Book in here for your consultation - in studio or virtual. 

Versatility in appointments - Morgan & Co is not a retail store and does not have a shop front, this allows us to provide very competitive prices to clients and versatility in appointments.

To your price point - we work to your price point and help you create a ring that you and your partner will adore forevermore within your budget. You will walk away with the perfect engagement ring without paying too much. 

We look forward to meeting you and your partner and going on this journey together. We can’t wait to guide you and help you bring your dream to life. The only thing more important to us than the exquisite jewellery we create is the relationship we develop with you.

February 08, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin