Coloured Stones

Pink diamonds are increasing in value and demand since 95% of the world’s pink diamond mines have closed. Pink diamonds are not only a beautiful option for an engagement ring, but they are also a great long term investment. Another popular coloured stone choice this year is a sapphire, they are timeless and are considered the gem of devoted love which is a beautiful sentiment for a forever ring. An Australian blue sapphire is a great option because it’s very affordable and is often a deep navy blue which is a stunning option as a coloured gemstone feature. Green diamond engagement rings have recently become popular due to the engagement of Jlo and Ben Affleck. These diamonds are very rare and valuable and come in a wide range of shades, from khaki to peacock green. A splash of colour is something we are finding clients are asking for this year. We work closely with our clients to find the best quality gemstones from one of our many gemstone dealers from around the world. 

Vintage Inspired

Vintage is the new modern. Over the past 12 months, vintage inspired rings have grown increasingly popular. When it comes to vintage, we think romance and glamour. The most appealing thing about vintage rings is that the range is very broad; there are so many different vintage styles to choose from and when you look down at your ring, you feel as though it’s the only one like that in the world. A vintage piece tells a story and creates a feeling of nostalgia, there’s no wonder they are becoming more popular in recent times. 

Oval Cut

Around 25% of our client’s opt for an oval cut engagement ring. They began becoming popular mid last year and are continuing to grow in popularity this year. The most popular setting we are seeing is a four claw or six claw setting on a fine band. Our advice when it comes to settings with an oval cut solitaire is if you opt for a large stone over 1.50ct, then we strongly recommend a six claw setting to ensure the stone is not at risk of falling out if knocked. Additionally the band shouldn’t be too thin otherwise you will find the diamond swings a lot. These are the types of things we at Morgan & Co, help you with when designing your forever ring. 

Sentimental Touch

A sentimental element helps to tell your very own unique love story. This can be achieved through using old and sentimental gold in your custom made ring, or you could add a little diamond or precious gemstone from a piece of jewellery that your partner purchased for you in the past and hide it under the setting of your engagement ring. Many of us have precious heirlooms that we don’t know what to do with - gold from our sentimental pieces can be melted down to be used in your new bespoke ring and you can use the precious gems or diamonds in your custom designed ring also. There are so many different options when it comes to adding a sentimental touch to your engagement ring. What’s more special than incorporating something old with something new? 

Combined Cuts & Colours

There are no “rules'' when it comes to designing an engagement ring - each ring is unique to its wearer and to the couple, it represents love, sentiment and style. We are seeing couples becoming more adventurous when it comes to choosing their forever ring and what we are seeing a lot of in 2022 are combined cuts. One that we personally love is an emerald cut with a pear cut - these two cuts compliment each other perfectly. Combined cuts have become more popular since Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly became engaged with a green emerald and mined diamond. We’re loving these daring combined looks. 

Get in touch with the team at Morgan & Co for your free, no obligation consultation to go over your dream ring. Morgan & Co will showcase their beautiful diamonds and gemstones and help you design a piece that will be unforgettable. 

June 10, 2022 — Morgan Gaskin