Buying jewellery is often a huge investment in a woman's life. Not only is fine jewellery expensive, it can also hold a lot of sentiment. When you think about expanding your jewellery box, you should consider buying your main staple pieces first. These pieces are the ones you can wear with everything, from your work uniform to your little black dress for Friday night drinks. 
Below are some of Morgan & Co's favourite staple jewellery pieces and a little explanation as to why! 

These are an easy to wear item that go with everything from a work uniform to a black tie event. You can quite literally never take them off. They are non intrusive but provide a beautiful sparkle and let’s face it, who doesn’t love diamonds? Morgan & Co have diamond studs available in any size mined or lab grown diamonds. Each of our studs are made to order with a screw back to ensure you don’t lose your beloved studs. 

2. The Go-With-Everything Necklace/s 

Petit necklaces are perfect for layering and for everyday wear. It’s always best to work with odd numbers when it comes to layering a necklace, we recommend one or three. When investing in an everyday necklace, you should opt for 9ct, 14ct or 18ct white, yellow or rose gold and steer clear of silver. Silver will tarnish when worn in the shower and when we say ‘everyday use’ we mean - you don’t have to remove it, ever. We live in a busy world with endless commitments and by investing in gold, you can still look fab and take no time at all doing it! We have a range of petit ready to wear necklaces and some beautiful, more extravagant diamond options. Both will go with everything and we have something available for every price point. 

3. Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

A diamond tennis bracelet is a jewellery must have. Just like a little black dress, a tennis bracelet is cute, sexy and never gets old. Morgan & Co make our tennis bracelets to order and you can choose from a yellow, white or rose gold bracelet and feature either lab grown or mined diamonds in the size of your choice. For an everyday bracelet, we recommend this stunning one. It’s understated and elegant and looks amazing with a cocktail dress or a pair of jeans. 

4. Huggie Earrings

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of huggie earrings, they are stylish, simple and versatile. Morgan & Co have ready to wear petite huggie earrings in yellow gold or you can opt for a more luxurious option with our diamond huggies. Both choices are an essential jewellery item, are super cute and a long term investment. 

5. Coloured Gemstone Cocktail Ring

A dress ring can come in many shapes, colours and sizes. There is a dress ring for everyone. Different colours suit different skin tones and different shapes can express different personalities. Precious gemstones come in a range of colours and qualities, from a deep blue sapphire, fire opals, baby blue aquamarines or rose quartz. The options are endless. Find our range of dress rings here. Morgan & Co make to order and can source precious gemstones of the highest quality from around the world. 

6. Stacker Rings

Over recent years, stacker rings have become increasingly popular. These petite rings can be a lovely addition on their own or stacked together for a more edgier look. They come in white, yellow and rose gold and can feature precious gems or diamonds and there are also more plain options too. Stackers are fun, stylish and a great way to express your style and accentuate any outfit.

7. Gold Bangle

A gold bangle is both versatile and timeless. A gold bangle can be paired with any look, both dressed up and down and can be layered with any other bangles, bracelet or a watch. Morgan & Co have the perfect gold bangle available which is a classic style and perfect for a long term jewellery investment.

If you're looking for some ready-to wear pieces or if you'd prefer to custom make your next jewellery box piece, contact the experts at Morgan & Co for a free no obligation consultation to go over design and price. 

May 30, 2022 — Morgan Gaskin