Embarking on a bespoke process can feel like navigating uncharted waters. The truth is, many couples find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to creating their dream engagement ring.

This unique journey of customisation and personalisation – the bespoke process - often feels intimidating and complex. But here's the reality: with the right guidance, this path transforms from daunting to delightful, leading you towards an exquisite piece that truly embodies your love story. 

At Morgan & Co, this is exactly what we offer. From consultation to final touches, our bespoke process helps our customers not only feel more at ease, but enjoy the process while guaranteeing awe-inspiring results.

Read on as we take you with us on a journey through the 7 steps of our bespoke jewellery process. In this blog, you will familiarise yourself with the process in detail from start to finish, leaving you worry-free when venturing onto this journey.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents:

The Bespoke Process

  1. Initial Enquiry
  2. Consultation

Education on Diamonds and Understanding Your Style

Determining Personal Styles

  1. Sourcing Your Diamond or Coloured Stone

Importance of Choosing the Right Stones

Steps Involved in Stone Sourcing

  1. Design Process
  2. Quote & Design
  3. Crafting The Piece
  4. Final Touches

Engagement Day

Post Engagement Surprise

Create Your Bespoke Piece with Morgan & Co

The Bespoke Process

Are you looking to find the perfect engagement ring?

Welcome to Morgan & Co, where we provide bespoke services tailored just for you.

We pride ourselves in our unique approach towards creating stunning pieces of jewellery through an intricate and detailed bespoke tailoring process.

Our process involves 7 steps to get your bespoke engagement ring before you reach D-day.

Let us guide you through our meticulous bespoke process using ethically sourced Australian made diamonds.

  1. Initial Enquiry

Your first step is reaching out with an initial enquiry - simple as that.

How do you contact us for an inquiry?

It's simple. Just fill out a form with your basic details and voila, you've just commenced your journey towards owning a piece of unique custom-made jewellery.

So what information should you provide at this stage?

  • Name: So we know who we're speaking to.
  • Email Address or Phone Number: This will allow us to get back to you promptly.

Embark on a journey to find the perfect engagement ring with Morgan & Co's bespoke services. From initial enquiry to understanding your style, we tailor every step just for you. #EngagementRing #BespokeJewelry

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  1. Consultation

This consultation isn't just about collecting data; it's also about education and making sure you're making an informed decision.

Remember - every detail matters when creating something as personal as jewellery.

Education on Diamonds and Understanding Your Style

The journey of crafting your perfect piece starts with an understanding of diamonds and coloured stones.

We at Morgan & Co provide bespoke services, focusing not only on the tailoring process but also educating our clients about these precious stones.

Factors such as cut, clarity, carat weight, and colour can help you make informed decisions during the custom manufacturing works for your ring.

Determining Personal Styles

Beyond diamond education lies another crucial aspect - defining personal style preferences.

This step includes personal bespoke fittings where we explore different designs and settings which align perfectly with your specifications. You can choose between conducting the consultation virtually or in-person at our Buderim studio.

Check out our collections of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewellery on our website to draw some inspiration.

In essence, this stage combines technical knowledge about diamonds along with creative exploration into individual styles - meaning they're bespoke in every sense.

Moving forward from here takes us deeper into the heart of our practices - sourcing your chosen stone or diamond.

Crafting your perfect piece starts with understanding diamonds. At Morgan & Co, we educate and tailor designs to align with your personal style preferences. #BespokeJewelry #DiamondEducation

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  1. Sourcing Your Diamond or Coloured Stone

Delving into the bespoke tailoring process, we find that sourcing your diamond or coloured stone is a crucial phase.

This isn't just about aesthetics; it's also an integral part of the custom manufacturing works involved in creating unique pieces.

Importance of Choosing the Right Stones

The right stones breathe life into any piece. They are what make each design truly unique and special.

In our practice as a bespoke manufacturer, this step holds immense importance because it lays down the foundation for all subsequent steps in our tailored process.

Steps Involved in Stone Sourcing

  • We begin by understanding your specifications during consultations to identify your preferences and needs.
  • Moving forward, we scour through various sources online - from reputed gemstone suppliers to auctions - ensuring every stone sourced meets strict quality and ethical standards set by Morgan & Co.
  • To ensure transparency with our clients throughout this journey, we provide regular updates on the progress, along with images/videos of shortlisted gems before final selection takes place.

Discover the crucial phase of sourcing diamonds or coloured stones in our bespoke process. From understanding preferences to ensuring quality, we keep you involved every step of the way. #BespokeJewelry #Diamonds #UniquePieces

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  1. Design Process

This crucial step is what makes your bespoke piece of jewellery truly unique and personalised.

We at Morgan & Co are dedicated to help you design your forever piece until you are 100% happy with how it looks. You are welcome to request as many changes as you need in order to be completely satisfied with the final design.

We work closely with you through the whole process and guide you at every step of the way.

  1. Quote & Design

When the design is finalised, you will receive a complimentary drawing of the piece, along with a formal quote.

  1. Crafting The Piece

At Morgan & Co, the crafting process is where your bespoke design truly comes to life.

  • Creating Wax Models: the creation of wax models allows us to produce an accurate 3D representation before moving onto metal work. This practice ensures that every detail aligns perfectly with your specifications and requests.
  • Metal Forming and Soldering: In this stage, we shape the metals into desired forms using traditional methods combined with modern techniques. This includes personal bespoke fittings for perfect alignment on fingers or wrists.
  • Stone Setting: Once the form is finalised, we set the stone into its place on the ring. From the sparkling diamonds to the lustrous metals, every element of your ring is carefully chosen to ensure its beauty and durability.
  • Polish, Buff, and Clean: This step ensures that your ring looks polished and clean, and ready to be worn forever!
  • Quality Assurance: Before your ring is ready to be presented, it must pass a strict quality assurance process so that its craftsmanship and beauty are up to our exacting standards. We carefully examine every detail of the ring to guarantee that it lives up to those standards and is aesthetically pleasing.
  1. Final Touches

Once the final payment goes through, we will give your piece a thorough cleaning, package it, and make sure it's ready to be collected or delivered.

Insurance details, jewellery care, a polishing cloth, and your diamond certificate will be provided with the piece.

Engagement Day

We believe that an engagement isn't just a proposal; it's an important part of the custom manufacturing works that goes into creating your perfect piece of jewellery.

This momentous occasion marks the culmination of all our efforts to create something unique based on your specifications.

Post Engagement Surprise

Congratulations on your engagement! But the bespoke tailoring process doesn't end once the ring is on your finger.

We believe in celebrating this significant milestone with you and hence, you can expect an exciting post-engagement surprise in the mail.

Discover the journey of a lifetime with Morgan & Co. Our bespoke process goes beyond crafting your dream engagement ring. From personalised designs to insurance details, we have exciting post-engagement surprises in store for you. #BespokeJewelry #EngagementSurprises

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Create Your Bespoke Piece with Morgan & Co

Embarking on the bespoke process is a journey of discovery and creation.

You start with an idea, fuel it with inspiration, and watch as it transforms into a tangible symbol of love. From initial enquiry to consultation, every step is tailored to your unique style and preferences.

The magic lies in understanding diamonds and sourcing the perfect stone that reflects your personality.

Yet, your involvement doesn't end there; you're part of crafting the piece from design sketches to final touches. All while ensuring quality control measures are in place for perfection at each stage.

Morgan & Co takes pride in not just creating jewellery but curating experiences - right down to post-engagement surprises!

Your story deserves nothing less than extraordinary - let's craft it together at Morgan & Co! Book your complimentary consultation here.

July 23, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin