Choosing the perfect wedding anniversary gift is a journey filled with love and nostalgia.

In fact, when it's time to commemorate another year of shared dreams and memories, a couple's #1 worry is selecting that ideal wedding anniversary gift.

No one wants to mess up this special gesture. But this decision separates those who truly understand their partner from those still learning the ropes in a relationship.

If you're not sure how to choose an anniversary present that will touch your spouse’s heart, we're here to guide you through the different routes you can take: traditional anniversary gift ideas, modern wedding anniversary presents, or the Morgan & Co way. Some prefer traditional wedding anniversary ideas, while others find that modern gifts speak better to their partner's personal style.

So let's dive in and take notes - you don't want to be the guy who gifted his wife a vacuum cleaner for their anniversary!

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Evolution of Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Traditional vs Modern

From the mediaeval era to modern times, wedding anniversary gifts have undergone a fascinating evolution. It all began with husbands bestowing their wives with silver and gold wreaths on their 25th and 50th anniversaries respectively.

This tradition was further expanded upon in the mid-20th century when the American author and etiquette expert Emily Post published her book 'Etiquette', in which she includes an exhaustive list of gifts for every single year of marriage.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1st Year: Paper

This might seem unremarkable, however when you explore its significance more deeply it is quite meaningful. Paper represents strength derived from interlaced connections - much like how individual threads come together to form strong sheets of paper; this mirrors the interconnectedness developed between partners during their first year.

5th Year: Wood

Fifth-year celebrations see wood being highlighted, marking half-a-decade of successful matrimony. This signifies a solidified bond, akin to trees standing tall amidst storms, indicating the strength of character, perseverance, and commitment involved in maintaining a marriage.

10th Year: Tin/Aluminium

Tin or aluminium serves as a symbol of flexibility and durability. A decade later, a marriage has witnessed both partners adapting and compromising, just like these metals can be shaped and moulded. The resilience and malleability required to make a lasting marriage are celebrated through these materials.

15th Year: Crystal

As the 15th year approaches, crystal comes to the forefront, representing the clarity and transparency that has been nurtured within the relationship. Like crystal, the journey has involved refining and polishing, resulting in a deeper understanding and connection between partners.

20th Year: China

The 20th anniversary, marked by the gift of china, signifies the delicate yet strong nature of a two-decade-long marriage. Just as china requires care and attention to maintain its beauty, a marriage of this length has thrived through the nurturing of shared experiences, resilience, and mutual support.

25th Year: Silver

Returning back from gems onto materialistic symbols used during anniversaries, let's discuss the silver jubilee, i.e., the twenty-fifth-year celebration, wherein silver being chosen signifies radiance and brilliance reflecting upon the couple's evolving relationship over a quarter of a century.

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30th Year: Pearl

Pearls are traditionally associated with this occasion because they embody purity, wisdom acquired over time (much like thirty years' worth), loyalty among partners throughout the duration, along with unwavering dedication towards each other's joy.

A pearl's formation process can be seen as a metaphorical reminder about overcoming adversity since pearls form inside oysters due to irritation caused by foreign substances; similarly, marriages face trials which, when handled well, result in something valuable just like pearls themselves.


35th Year: Jade/Coral

Gifts of jade or coral symbolise the endurance and strength that have characterised this thirty-five-year journey. Just as these materials are revered for their lasting beauty and rarity, a marriage of this length is a testament to enduring love and the ability to weather life's challenges together.

40th Year: Ruby

The ruby stands as an emblem for forty years of shared life experiences between the two of you. Not only does this precious stone captivate us with its beauty, but it also conveys profound meanings relevant to this significant juncture.

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45th Year: Sapphires

Just as sapphires are valued for their enduring beauty and strength, this anniversary celebrates the resilience and fortitude that a partnership of forty-five years embodies. 

The deep blue hues of sapphires serve as a reminder of the depth of emotions and experiences shared over almost half a century, reflecting the steadfastness and authenticity of a love that has stood the test of time.

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50th Year: Gold

A couple's golden jubilee, or their 50th wedding anniversary, is one such milestone event that holds immense significance. It symbolises not only durability but also wealth and wisdom - traits often attributed to gold itself. This precious metal is thus chosen as the symbolic gift on this occasion due to its enduring value and timeless beauty.

If you're looking at celebrating your own Golden Anniversary soon, consider gifting each other stunning gold pieces from Morgan & Co, or surprise them with a custom made piece that would speak volumes.

55th Year: Emerald

As the 55th year of marriage is celebrated, emeralds take centre stage, symbolising renewal and growth. The emerald's enduring allure mirrors the lasting affection and deep connection that have evolved and flourished over 55 years of shared experiences.

60th Year: Yellow Diamond

Six decades worth of celebrations call for something truly special like yellow diamonds; these gems represent love, purity, eternity, and joy, making them perfect symbols of sixty years of shared memories and experiences. Purchasing jewellery featuring exquisite yellow diamonds could be an ideal way to mark this extraordinary celebration in style.

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Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The more modern wedding anniversary presents are also quite unique and symbolic. Here is a list of the most notable wedding anniversary years and their respective gift ideas.

1st Year: Clocks

The gift of clocks represents the timeless journey you have embarked upon. These timepieces symbolise the countless shared moments that have woven your lives together, reminding you to cherish every passing second as you continue your life's journey side by side. 

Buy your significant other a beautiful wall clock decorated with designs that symbolise your unique relationship to commemorate this special occasion.

5th Year: Silverware

Just as you have blended your lives, the silverware symbolises the harmonious blending of your tastes and experiences. With each meal shared using this gift, you're reminded of the nourishing bond you've cultivated.

10th Year: Diamond Jewellery

The ten-year mark calls for the brilliance of diamond jewellery, embodying your radiant and enduring love. Much like diamonds are formed under pressure, your partnership has grown stronger through challenges, emerging as something precious and unbreakable.

15th Year: Watches

Watches represent your shared journey through time. Just as watches keep track of moments, you have shared moments of joy, laughter, and growth. 

20th Year: Platinum

Two decades of marriage shine through the gift of platinum. The strength and endurance of this metal reflect the your ability to weather life's storms and emerge stronger as a couple. Like platinum, your partnership is both rare and precious, a reminder of the lasting value of your commitment.

30th Year: Diamond Jewellery

Marking three decades of shared experiences, diamond jewellery once again takes centre stage. These precious stones symbolise the enduring strength and brilliance of a partnership that has flourished over time. Your journey, much like the facets of a diamond, has captured light in myriad ways, creating a spectrum of memories to cherish.

The 25th, 35th, up to the 60th anniversary, all have the same modern gift as the traditional one.

While some people prefer traditional wedding anniversary ideas, some find modern gifts resonate better with their style. Others might like to blend both approaches together and make gift boxes with traditional and modern gifts together.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The Morgan & Co Way

Your first marriage anniversary is an important event that deserves to be commemorated with something extraordinary. There's an array of gift ideas, both traditional and modern, perfect for expressing your enduring love. We have compiled a few of the most popular wedding anniversary gifts at Morgan & Co. here's what we came up with:

Stacker Rings to Keep your Wedding Band Company

The interlocking elegance of stacker rings carries profound symbolism, reminiscent of the unbreakable bond you forged on your wedding day. These delicately crafted rings can serve as meaningful keepsakes, representing the layers of your love and experiences built over the years.

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Diamond Earrings as a Timeless Token

The eternal sparkle of diamond earrings has long been synonymous with unwavering love and commitment. This exquisite gem can serve as an elegant memento of the promises you made on your big day.

A pair of stunning studs or dazzling drop earrings could become timeless tokens marking this significant milestone in your shared journey.

Gold Necklace - A Classic Choice

In the realm of classic wedding anniversary gifts, gold necklaces hold their own place. Their beauty reflects the joy found within marriage while their durability symbolises lasting affection, just like how every year strengthens marital bonds further.

You might opt for a simple yet elegant gold chain adorned with a pendant that holds personal significance; perhaps it's reminiscent of memories from early days together?

Gemstone Ring - A Colourful Expression Of Love

If diamonds don't resonate well enough, consider gifting her favourite coloured gemstone ring instead. From passionate rubies to wise sapphires - each stone carries its unique meaning which adds depth to this vibrant expression of love.

This personalised touch makes celebrating such milestones even more memorable by adding another layer to these precious moments spent together.


The evolution of these gifts traces back to mediaeval times, offering a rich tapestry of symbolism and meaning.

From traditional symbolic wedding anniversary gift ideas like paper and wood, to modern alternatives like wall clocks and watches, there's something for every couple.

There's also the Morgan & Co approach with the perfect creative gift ideas that will surely draw a smile on your partner's face.

In conclusion,

At Morgan & Co, we understand the significance behind each wedding anniversary and strive to bring this sentiment alive through our Australian made jewellery using ethically sourced diamonds. If you're looking for that ideal piece to commemorate another year spent together, visit us today.

If you're unsure about what gift would best celebrate your unique bond, remember help is at hand, book an appointment with our professionals for some expert gift suggestions.

Cheers to the happy couple!