Ever held a wedding ring in your hand? Felt the weight of it, turned it around to catch glimpses of sparkling gems or sleek metal catching the light?

If you have, then you know that this tiny piece of jewellery tells its own tale. Each design choice whispers a love story; each glinting stone is a promise.

But what if we told you that today's top trends in wedding rings are about more than just gold and diamonds? They're increasingly becoming an extension of personal style and individuality - offering couples unique ways to express their bond.

Wondering how your ring finger can get in on this fashion revolution? Well, hang tight as we're about to explore the newest trends sweeping across engagement rings and wedding bands - it's all about blending metals for a contemporary spin, while also cherishing eternity bands that carry deep symbolism.

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Mixed Shape Diamond Wedding Bands: The Latest Trend in Bridal Jewellery

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding ring, today's brides and grooms are spoilt for choice. One of the top trends in wedding rings that has captured hearts all over the world is mixed shape diamond wedding bands. This unique style features a combination of different cuts such as round, baguette, princess cut and more.

The Charm of Mixed Cut Diamonds

A mixed shape diamond band breaks away from traditional uniformity by showcasing an array of diamond shapes on one single band. It's this diversity that adds depth and dimension to your ring making it truly stand out. Whether you prefer a blend of vintage-inspired baguettes with modern round brilliants or love the contrast between marquise and pear-shaped diamonds - there's no limit to how creative you can get with these rings.

Why Choose Mixed Shape Diamond Bands?

Beyond their stunning aesthetics, mixed shape diamond bands are also a practical choice. They offer greater flexibility in terms of budget as you can opt for smaller diamonds of different cuts which could be more affordable than one large stone. Moreover, they're an excellent way to incorporate family heirloom stones or personalise your ring with birthstones.

No matter what your style preference is - whether it's bold and extravagant or simple and chic - there's a mixed shape diamond band that perfectly encapsulates your love story at Morgan & Co

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Tips for Styling Your Mixed Shape Band

  • Match your metal: Whether you prefer white gold, yellow gold or rose gold; ensure your mixed-shape band matches the rest of your jewellery for seamless elegance.
  • Pick complementary shapes: Choose diamond shapes that work well together visually—for instance; oval and round diamonds pair beautifully due to their similar curves.
  • Add some colour: Don’t be afraid to include coloured diamonds or gemstones among your mix—it adds an extra pop and personal touch!

Whether you're a bride-to-be seeking something different or a groom on the hunt for that perfect ring, consider mixed shape diamond wedding bands. Not only are they at the forefront of bridal jewellery trends, but they also offer an opportunity to express individuality and style in a truly sparkling way.


The Significance of Eternity Bands

Picture this: a ring with an unbroken line of diamonds, sparkling on your finger. This isn't just any ring; it's an eternity ring. More than a mere fashion statement, these bands carry deep symbolism and significance.

Eternity bands are often gifted to celebrate special anniversaries or milestones in relationships. The continuous loop of the band symbolises everlasting love and commitment - hence its name 'eternity'. These rings have become one of the top trends in wedding rings as they embody the markers that chronicle our most treasured moments.

But don't think eternity rings are confined to marriage alone. Many choose them as unique tokens for significant events such as the birth of a child or even personal achievements. It's all about encapsulating those pivotal moments into something tangible, something beautiful you can wear every day.

The designs vary widely too, allowing each wearer to find their perfect match. From full-set diamond-encrusted styles shimmering around the entire band to half-set options offering understated elegance – there’s truly an eternity band out there for everyone.

A Mark Of Timeless Love Stories

An eternity ring, with its endless circle of diamonds or gemstones is indeed symbolic. But it also represents so much more—it tells your unique love story.

Beyond aesthetics, what makes these rings extra special is how they're linked directly to personal experiences and memories—whether it's recalling the thrill when first falling in love or celebrating decades spent together.

In essence, wearing one not only signifies eternal affection but serves as a precious reminder of shared life experiences. If you want to express something more than the typical, an eternity band might be what you're after.

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Double-Band Rings: A Trending Style Statement

If you're looking for a wedding ring that's unique, stylish and makes a bold statement, consider this top trend in wedding rings, the double-banded ring. These exquisite pieces are gaining popularity amongst modern brides and grooms on Australia's Sunshine Coast and beyond.

The Appeal of Double-Band Wedding Rings

A double-band ring offers twice the beauty with two bands adorning your finger instead of one. The dual bands can be identical or contrasting in design to create an intriguing visual appeal. Some couples opt for different metals like yellow gold and white gold, while others choose matching bands adorned with ethically sourced diamonds from Morgan & Co.

Styling Your Double-Band Ring

When it comes to styling your double-band wedding ring, there are no hard-and-fast rules - it’s all about personal preference! If you have other significant rings such as eternity rings or family heirlooms, wearing these alongside your double-banded piece can create an eclectic yet harmonious ensemble.

  • Mix Metals: Don't shy away from mixing metals when styling your double-banded ring. Pairing rose gold with white gold creates a warm contrast that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Create Balance: Striking balance is key when layering jewellery. If your double-band ring is a statement piece, keep other hand accessories minimalistic.

Ultimately, the beauty of choosing a double-band wedding ring lies in its versatility and the opportunity it presents to express your personal style. Whether you're going for an elegant or edgy look, this trend can be tailored to suit any personality and taste. 

If Double-Band Rings are your style, make sure you check out our stunning New York wedding band for inspiration before your consultation at Morgan & Co!


The Allure of Petite Diamond Wedding Rings

Petite, delicate diamond wedding bands have become the go-to choice for many modern brides. With their finer widths and intricate details, these bands are an elegant addition to any bridal set.

The Trend Towards Finer Widths and Intricate Details

Gone are the days when chunky rings dominated the jewellery scene. Today, it's all about subtle elegance - one of the top trends in wedding rings, delicate diamond wedding bands, clearly reflects this statement. These fine pieces use less metal to let each stone truly shine on its own.

Brides adore how this design adds a touch of radiance without overpowering their engagement ring. It’s like adding a cherry atop your favourite sundae; just enough dazzle to enhance, not steal away from the main showpiece.

This approach towards simplicity also allows more room for personal style expressions. Some opt for alternating white diamonds with coloured stones or metals giving an individual twist that makes them unique. Morgan & Co has seen an uptick in couples wanting custom designs that tell their love stories through symbols etched into these slender wonders.

Incorporating personal elements such as initials or special dates can make sure your band isn't just another piece of jewellery but a wearable narrative of your journey together. Now doesn’t that sound incredibly romantic?

Finding the perfect match to express yourself might seem daunting at first glance, especially considering you’ll be wearing this symbol forever. But rest assured, our team is here ready with advice born from years of crafting beautiful pieces.

From your initial question about design choices to the moment you slide that sparkling band onto your ring finger, we’re here to help make this experience as unforgettable as your love story itself. So why not give delicate diamond wedding bands such as our Prague Ring a closer look?

Key Takeaway: 


Modern brides are leaning towards delicate diamond wedding bands, appreciating their subtle elegance and room for personal expression. These slender rings use less metal, letting each stone stand out while not overpowering the engagement ring. Custom designs with special symbols or dates make these pieces more than just jewellery - they're wearable love stories.

Ethical Diamonds: A Sparkling Trend

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, there's a growing trend that is taking Australia by storm - ethical diamonds. These precious stones are sourced responsibly, ensuring they have no connection with conflict or human rights abuses.

The Rise of Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings

In recent years, we've seen an increase in awareness about where our products come from and how they're made. This consciousness extends beyond just food and clothing; it's influencing the jewellery industry too. More people than ever before are seeking out ethically sourced diamonds for their engagement rings.

This shift towards ethical diamond sourcing isn't surprising given today’s society values transparency and sustainability more than ever before. When you choose an ethically sourced diamond, you're not only getting a beautiful piece of jewellery but also supporting fair trade practices around the world.

The Sparkling Future of Ethical Diamonds

As more people become aware of the importance of ethically sourced products, we believe that this will continue to be one of the top trends in wedding rings. The future is sparkling for ethical diamonds – they're not just a trend; they’re becoming an industry standard. So why not join us on this journey towards a brighter future?

Choosing a wedding ring should be a joyous occasion filled with love and excitement. Let's make it even better by choosing rings that support fair trade practices and contribute positively to our world.

At Morgan & Co, we give you the option to customise your wedding ring to your liking, including the option to choose ethically sourced diamonds with any ring of our  . Book your appointment today and let's plan your sustainable forever-ring design together!

FAQs in Relation to Top Trends in Wedding Rings


What are the most popular ring trends right now?

Mixed shape diamond wedding rings, eternity rings, petite rings, and double-banded rings are currently on top.

What is one of the top trends in wedding rings in 2023?

In 2023, unique diamond shapes like emerald and marquise cuts are all the rage for their unconventional appeal.

What is the wedding ring trend right now?

The current wave favours delicate diamond wedding bands that radiate an extra touch of elegance with finer widths and intricate details.

What is one of the most popular engagement ring trends in 2023?

Emerald cuts take centre stage this year as they bring both classic charm and contemporary sophistication to engagement rings.


So, we've journeyed through various ring styles that represent the top trends in wedding rings. Mixed shaped diamond rings are making waves, adding a modern twist to traditional designs.

Double-bands are on the rise with their unique designs and versatility, while Eternity bands remain timeless markers of milestones.

Delicate diamond wedding bands, on the other hand, add that extra touch of radiance every bride deserves.

The takeaway? The love story your ring represents can be as unique as you want it to be. No one formula is ideal for showing love; it's all about individualised expression.

September 22, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin