It’s an expensive time in a young couple's life and when investing in a forever ring, time should be taken to ensure you don’t have any regrets. It’s easy to see why couple’s take things into their own hands and begin the hunt for their forever ring online. On a surface level, diamonds and rings can seem “cheap” when purchased online. We are here to help you understand why it’s not a good idea to buy your engagement ring or diamond online. 

This blog will help you understand that buying online may be “cheap” but it can be filled with a lot of regret if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We will help you understand why it is important to put your trust into an experienced expert when purchasing such a sentimental piece. Your friendly and professional team at Morgan & Co offer free, stress free, consultations to help with your engagement ring journey.

Table of Contents:

  • Why you should not purchase your diamond online
  • Choosing the right experts in the field when buying a diamond
    • The Morgan & Co difference when diamond buying
    • How Morgan & Co can help you buy the perfect diamond within your budget
    • Morgan & Co’s process explained 
  • How to ensure your ring will stand the test of time or you don’t lose your diamond from it’s setting.
    • Buying online can result in a setting that does not withstand the test of time
    • The importance of an expert advice when it comes to setting and design for longevity 
  • FAQs 
    • How much will a ring at Morgan & Co cost
    • What do you mean by “hand selected” diamonds?
    • What is a bespoke engagement ring?
    • What service can I expect?
    • Are Morgan & Co pieces Australian made?
  • Conclusion

Why you should not purchase your diamond online 

Buying online might seem like the cheapest option and there may seem like there is “more” to choose from, however this isn’t necessarily the case. Online websites or retailers that list an inventory of diamonds don’t actually physically hold the stock they have listed online. The diamonds listed are located all over the world, with many of them coming from India and the USA. The online site you are scrolling through will build their inventory off a world wide list that diamond dealers across the globe also have access to, meaning once you purchase a diamond online, the retailer you purchase from will then purchase said diamond from their dealer overseas. This means they haven’t actually physically looked at or had anyone they trust look at it to ensure it’s a quality stone. They are purely going off a video or photo.  

With this in mind, you can imagine that each diamond is photographed and videoed using clever lighting and props to make it sparkle, all the while, hiding any nasty inclusions or imperfections that the stone has. The team from the site that you’re buying from haven’t actually physically viewed that diamond or hand selected it for you. Ultimately you are buying blind and it’s a very expensive purchase that is non refundable and not something you want to get wrong. 

Key Takeaway - Buying a diamond online can result in a huge, non refundable mistake. Put your trust in the experts that can choose your stone based on facts and expertise. 

Choosing Experts in the Diamond Buying Field - The Morgan & Co Difference 

At Morgan & Co, we are in a unique and privileged position - our diamond dealers, who are based in Melbourne, Victoria, have been in the business for over 40 years. Our trusted contacts in Melbourne have offices located in all the major diamond hubs across the world, including India, USA and Europe. This means that when we hand select your diamond, if we can’t have it sent for us to physically view it at our studio on the Sunshine Coast, we will have one of our men on the ground in any of these locations to personally look over your diamond prior to purchase. That means, there will never be a stone in a Morgan & Co ring that is not perfect. No regrets.  

Additionally, when buying online, a lay person isn’t going to know what to look for in a good quality diamond. There is more than what meets the eye when searching for the perfect stone. A picture can be somewhat deceiving and unless you have diamond grading experience, then quite often you will end up disappointed. Our team here at Morgan & Co are all experienced in diamond buying and grading, we know the areas that can be manipulated to remain in your price point, we know the elements that should not be compromised on so that the diamond’s sparkle is not jeopardised. We will never buy a diamond that has black inclusions or inclusions to the naked eye. Each of our client’s will have a diamond hand selected for them and their price point, it will be a colourless, or near colourless, diamond that is clear, conflict free, will not be dull and the cut will be ideal so that the facets bounce light perfectly for maximum sparkle. All these important qualities can be achieved by using a reputable jewellery design business like Morgan & Co. 

Key Takeaway - Morgan & Co have access to diamonds globally and men on the ground worldwide who will examine each diamond prior to purchase. You will choose your own diamond with the guidance of our experts. 

Morgan & Co’s process explained 

The self-service model of purchasing an engagement ring online doesn’t really speak to the needs that you have when you are purchasing something that’s meant to be a token of your love. You may want to explore online engagement ring shopping because the other alternative of going into a store and  meeting with a sales person, that’s going to be pushy, is annoying and ultimately you’ll end up with an engagement ring that everyone else has. Nobody wants to do that. 

Let’s talk about how we do things differently at Morgan & Co. Firstly, we are a by appointment only bespoke service. We are there for you and your individual needs and will guide you and/or your partner every step of the way. Once we determine your budget, we can work with you and find the highest quality diamond within your price range. We know which areas of a diamond that can be manipulated to do this, all while ensuring you and your partner walk away with the most perfect engagement ring, without paying too much. Not having a retail shop front allows us to pass that saving onto you. We aim to inspire and beautify the world through our custom designed pieces, with each engagement ring made to withstand the test of time and can be adored by you and your partner and then be passed down through generations to come. Throughout our consultations, we will educate you and listen to you and your concerns. The relationships we build with you are just as important as each piece of jewellery we create, we use our consultations to get to know you and to understand your style and lifestyle - all which play a huge part in the design of your forever ring. We offer a free, no obligation consultation and the first meeting includes viewing and choosing your diamond, going through the design of your band and setting and from there, we offer a free professional drawing of your engagement ring and formal quote. 

How to ensure your ring will stand the test of time or you don’t lose your diamond from its setting.

Another consideration when purchasing an engagement ring online is the setting, band proportions and integrity. You may choose a stunning engagement ring online that seems beautiful in an image, but in actual fact it may be only 9ct gold, or the band might be too thin and the setting may not be strong enough, which may leave you with a missing diamond if you were ever a little too rough with your ring. Building your engagement ring is like building a home, you need the foundations of your home to be solid and its structure to be sound, as with an engagement ring. The width and depth of the band play a huge part in ensuring your diamond is secure and that the band and setting aren’t compromised. You want to be able to wear your engagement ring every day and not have to worry about what lifestyle activities you are doing that may damage your ring or compromise the setting. At Morgan & Co, we go through the pros and cons of petite bands and settings and we will allow you to make an informed decision on choosing a certain style or setting. These days a fine band is “in fashion” and a lot of engagement rings online are being sold with a band that's way too fine. You will never leave Morgan & Co with a setting or band that will not withstand the test of time, we promise that your engagement ring will last a lifetime and then generations to come. We offer a lifetime warranty on the band and setting and you can feel confident when wearing your engagement ring that it will not be damaged, broken and you will not lose the diamond from its setting. 

Key Takeaway - A fine setting may look beautiful, but it isn’t necessarily safe. Speaking to exports will help you avoid buying a ring online that will easily break, snap or worse yet, lose a diamond from a weak setting.

In summary, before buying an engagement ring online, please get in touch with us so we can help you create the ring of your dreams with confidence. We love seeing couples in love and witnessing this exciting journey. The one thing that we don’t want is a newly engaged couple being ripped off, ending up with a ring that is less than perfect or throwing their hard earned money away on something that is not of the highest quality and may end up damaged or with a diamond that is dull and lifeless. We want you to leave with the ring of your dreams, a piece that you are proud of and when you look down at your finger you get butterflies, looking at this beautiful token of your love. 


How much will a ring at Morgan & Co cost?
We work to your budget. We will ensure that you end up with the highest quality diamond and ring within your price point. Our promise is that you will end up with the ring of your dreams without paying too much. Due to so many moving parts when it comes to an engagement ring, we can’t give you a quote until we meet with you and go over your design and diamond choice. A Morgan & Co engagement ring made with diamonds will start from $4,000 and go up from there. We also offer alternative stones to diamonds which can help reduce the cost. Many factors, including diamond size, quality, type, cut and the type of metal used as well as how many diamonds you desire in your setting all play a huge role in the price of a ring. 

What do you mean by “hand selected” diamonds?
We will hand select your diamond for you. If we can’t physically show you a local diamond, we will have one of our men from our offices physically examine your stone prior to purchase. This ensures that each Morgan & Co diamond will be of the best quality and within your budget. 

What is a bespoke engagement ring?
We offer a bespoke service so your ring is custom made for you to suit you and your individual style. So rather than buying off the shelf, you will have a completely unique engagement ring, which is so special. 

What service can I expect?
We are a small family owned business based on the Sunshine Coast. Many of our clients are local, however we have quite a few from NSW and Victoria so we also offer virtual consultations. Whether you’re face to face with us in our Buderim studio, or online, our customer service is second to none. We genuinely build friendships with our clients and are honoured to share in such a momentous occasion with them. We want you walking away with an engagement ring that you adore and we will ensure that happens each and every time. That is what you deserve. 

Are Morgan & Co Pieces Australian Made?
Each and every engagement ring and wedding band is Australian made and designed using conflict free diamonds and the highest quality metals. 


In conclusion, buying online is not the recommended approach when investing in a ring that is a token of your love and is designed to last a lifetime. When you are purchasing your forever ring, a piece to be adored for generations to come, it needs to be made with quality in mind. The diamond needs to be selected carefully, using an export eye and the setting and band needs to be made with integrity designed to withstand the test of time. All these important factors can not be achieved online. You need to speak to a trusted professional who can help guide you through this process. Speak with the team at Sunshine Coast based family owned jewellery design business, Morgan & Co, to help with your engagement ring and wedding band purchases. They will ensure you have no regrets. Book your free, no obligation consultation here.

May 05, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin