Ready to discover our top 5 engagement rings for 2023? 

These brilliant pieces are set to be a dazzling spectacle of brilliance and style.

The world of bridal jewellery is ever-evolving, with trends shifting as quickly as the seasons themselves.

Yet amidst this constant change, there's something uniquely captivating about engagement rings - they embody timeless elegance while still capturing the zeitgeist of contemporary design.

If you're seeking insight into what makes these top 5 engagement rings so special, you've come to the right place!

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Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

The bridal jewellery landscape is ever-evolving, with engagement ring trends in 2023 being no exception. The focus has shifted towards personal style as the paramount factor when selecting an engagement ring and wedding band.

Decoding Engagement Ring Trends

Trends are influenced by a fusion of cultural shifts, fashion nuances, and individual preferences. In terms of engagement ring trends, these elements amalgamate to create styles that embody the spirit of the era while maintaining timelessness.

In recent times, there has been an uptick in demand for unique diamond shapes like pear or marquise cuts. However, traditional designs such as round brilliant cut diamonds continue to charm due to their timeless elegance.

Diverse settings have also started trending within the sphere of engagement ring design. Solitaire settings offer simplicity while highlighting the beauty of a single diamond, whereas halo settings amplify sparkle around the centre stone, creating a glamorous aura.

An exciting development sees coloured gemstones making headway alongside traditional diamonds, providing brides-to-be with even more choice when expressing their individuality through their chosen piece.

As we journey further into this new era where self-expression reigns supreme, expect more creative freedom when it comes to designing your perfect symbol of love and commitment.

Now let us delve deeper into our top 5 engagement rings of 2023.

The Ellise Ring: A Timeless Trilogy

There's no better way to express your love than with a timeless piece of jewellery. The Ellise Ring, one of our top engagement rings, is an epitome of elegance and sophistication. Crafted meticulously at Morgan & Co, this simple engagement ring symbolises the past, present, and future in its trilogy design.

Captivating Centre & Side Stones

The heart of the Ellise ring lies in its 0.70ct lab-grown oval diamond centre stone. This beautiful gem captures light from every angle, reflecting back an enchanting sparkle that's impossible to ignore. It perfectly embodies recent years' trend towards ethical choices without compromising on quality or beauty.

Flanking the central diamond are two equally stunning 0.51ct lab-grown oval cut diamonds. Together, they form a breathtaking trio that echoes classic three-stone rings while offering a modern twist for today's bride.

Elegant Metalwork & Setting

Made from 14ct yellow gold, the Ellise ring exudes warmth and elegance. Its petite half-round band profile offers comfort alongside style – ideal for everyday wear yet sophisticated enough for special occasions too. The setting features petite four claws holding each stone securely in place while allowing maximum exposure for their brilliance.

This unique combination of elements results in an engagement ring that not only aligns with current engagement ring trends but also transcends them - making it a perfect choice whether you're drawn towards simple engagement rings or prefer something more elaborate.

The Isobelle Ring: A Sparkling Fusion of Elegance and Sophistication

At Morgan & Co, we believe in the power of love and its beautiful expression through our meticulously crafted engagement rings. One such piece that has been capturing hearts recently is The Isobelle Ring. This stunning ring exudes a timeless charm that's perfect for the modern bride.

Exquisite Pear Cut with Brilliant Halo

In line with recent years' engagement ring trends, The Isobelle Ring features an impressive 1.31ct Lab Grown Pear Cut Diamond as its centre stone. This beautifully cut diamond captures light from all angles, creating a mesmerising sparkle sure to catch everyone's attention.

The halo comprises 16 Round Brilliant Cut Lab Grown Diamonds set in a shared block claws setting, which adds an extra layer of brilliance to this simple engagement ring design. The combination creates a captivating play of light and shadow on your finger—a true statement piece for those swept up by wedding fever!

Metal Choice and Band Profile

This exquisite ring is fashioned out of 14ct White Gold - one among many other options available at Morgan & Co like rose gold or yellow gold - lending it both durability and sophistication. Its half-round band profile enhances comfort without compromising style; it’s adorned with an additional 14 brilliant round diamonds that add more glamour to this vintage-style ring.


The Grace Ring: A Testament to Timeless Elegance

When it comes to engagement rings, there's something incredibly alluring about the blend of classic design and modern aesthetics. The Grace ring from Morgan & Co encapsulates this perfectly. This rose gold engagement ring is not just a piece of jewellery; it's a symbol of love that tells its own unique story.

A Moissanite Marvel in Rose Gold Radiance

The centrepiece of the Grace ring is an exquisite 7mm x 9mm moissanite stone. Known for their brilliance and fire, moissanites have become increasingly popular in recent years as ethically sourced alternatives to traditional diamonds. They offer stunning sparkle without compromising on sustainability or affordability.

This simple engagement ring features a band crafted from lustrous 14ct rose gold, offering a warm contrast against the icy radiance of the moissanite centre diamond. Rose gold has surged in popularity over recent years among both men and women looking for something different than traditional yellow or white gold options.

East-to-West with Claw Setting

In keeping with current engagement ring trends, The Grace Ring showcases its magnificent moissanite stone in an east-to-west orientation — another nod towards contemporary style within this vintage-style ring design.

The petite double claws setting adds an extra touch of elegance while securely holding your precious gemstone in place. It's designed with meticulous attention to detail which ensures longevity and resilience - essential qualities for any enduring love story!

No matter where you are on Australia's Sunshine Coast or even across Australia wide, when wedding fever hits home choosing Morgan & Co means choosing quality craftsmanship combined with ethical sourcing practices – truly reflecting what modern brides desire today! 

So if you're shopping around for that perfect symbolization of your love commitment, consider adding 'The Grace Ring' into your bridal sets collection! Contact us now to set an appointment.


The Carolyn Ring

One of the most stunning engagement rings in our collection, The Carolyn Ring is a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. This piece showcases engagement ring trends at their finest, making it an ideal choice for the modern bride.

A Marquise Diamond in Yellow Gold

Sitting at the heart of this exquisite ring is a 1.86ct Lab Grown Marquise Diamond. Known for its elongated shape with pointed ends, the marquise diamond offers an illusion of greater size while adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your ring finger. This has been one of the most trending cuts this year, alongside the similarly shaped 'oval'.

The band and setting on this ring are crafted from 18ct yellow gold - one recent trend that has taken over wedding fever in recent years due to its timeless appeal and warm hue that complements all skin tones perfectly.

An Intricate Band with Six Claw Setting

This wedding band features a half-round twisted design encrusted with smaller diamonds which add extra sparkle every time you move your hand. It's not just about simple engagement rings anymore; today's brides are seeking out unique designs like this one that stand out from traditional styles.

We have used petite six claw settings on The Carolyn Ring – giving added security to hold your precious centre diamond in place whilst also enhancing its brilliance by allowing more light into it.

If you're looking for something truly special, then why not consider customising your own bespoke piece? Here at Morgan & Co, we pride ourselves on bringing meticulously crafted jewellery dreams into reality using ethically sourced materials right here on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.



The Laurel Ring: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

When it comes to engagement rings, the Laurel ring is a standout piece that captures the heart at first glance. This stunningly crafted ring from Morgan & Co perfectly embodies the recent trend towards coloured gemstones and rose gold engagement rings.

An Exquisite Centrepiece Stone

The star of this show-stopping piece is undoubtedly its 1.50ct Biron Ruby stone. This centrepiece offers an irresistible allure with its rich colour and remarkable clarity, making it a unique choice for those looking beyond traditional diamond engagement rings.

Surrounding the central ruby are lab-grown brilliant round petals which create an enchanting halo effect. These sparkling stones add extra brilliance to the design while also enhancing the beauty of the centre stone.

Rose Gold Perfection in Pavé

In keeping with modern bride preferences, The Laurel Ring features an 18ct Rose Gold band - a nod to both vintage-style ring designs and contemporary trends alike. The warm hue beautifully complements both the fiery ruby and dazzling white accents in this simple yet sophisticated design.

Meticulously set within this beautiful band lies a row of pavé lab-grown diamonds channel set for added sparkle along every angle — perfect for anyone who appreciates intricate detailing in their jewellery pieces.

Whether you're caught up in wedding fever or just beginning your journey towards matrimony, finding that perfect symbol can be overwhelming amidst all the options available in today's market. 

But rest assured - if timeless elegance combined with ethically sourced materials top your list, then look no further than our exquisite selection here at Morgan & Co!

Customisable Engagement Rings for Your Special Moment

All our engagement rings can be tailored to suit you and your budget. 

Our rings come in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct yellow gold, rose gold or white gold options. 

You also have the choice between a lab-grown diamond or mined diamond in any size. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke jewellery pieces that truly reflect each unique love story.

We ethically source all our diamonds at Morgan & Co because we value integrity and social consciousness when it comes to sourcing practices. When choosing an engagement ring from us, rest assured knowing you're selecting a piece crafted with utmost care and responsibility.

We invite you to book a free private consultation where you can view our range of hand-selected diamonds in person – find the one that catches your eye! Get ready for wedding fever as you discover what makes Morgan & Co's diamonds so extraordinary!




Engagement rings have always been a symbol of love and commitment, but our top 5 engagement rings for 2023 are taking this tradition to new heights.

From stunning trilogy pieces like the Ellise Ring to timeless white gold designs such as the Isobelle Ring, there's something for every style preference.

In essence, whether you're drawn towards classic or modern styles, your ring is here at Morgan & Co, waiting to be part of your special story.

If you’re on the hunt for ethically sourced Australian-made engagement rings that capture both traditional elegance and contemporary trends in their designs - look no further than Morgan & Co. 

Let us help bring your dream ring into reality by crafting a piece that truly reflects your individual style and love story. Book your complimentary consultation and start exploring today!