When the creators of Morgan & Co sat down to map out what the business was going to look and feel like, values and principles were key on the agenda. Morgan & Co knew  that the backbone of many successful businesses is to have strong values and principles that will  provide a guiding light that shapes the company's identity, operations, and relationships.  We are a family run and female lead team located in Buderim, on Australia's Sunshine Coast. Our focus and passion is creating custom made engagement rings and wedding bands, providing our client's with a luxury experience along the way.

Table of Contents 

Morgan & Co - Values 

  • Quality Craftsmanship:
  • Ethical Sourcing: 
  • Transparency and Integrity:
  • Customer Focus: 
  • Innovation and Design Excellence: 
  • Continuous Improvement and Education: 
  • Longevity and Legacy:
  • Emotional Connection and Meaning: 
  • Understanding clients needs.

Morgan & Co - Principles 

  • Quality
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Expertise and Knowledge
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Ethical Standards and Sustainability
  • Attention to Detail 
  • Brand Identity and Storytelling 
  • Continuous Improvement and Adaptability
  • Community and Connection
  • Emotional Connection 

Why does Morgan & Co exist?

  • Artistic Expression 
  • Emotional Connection
  • Individuality and Customisation
  • Legacy and Tradition 
  • Appreciation of Beauty and Design

Our Mission
Meet the Team
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Morgan & Co - Values 

Quality Craftsmanship

Morgan & Co, Buderim, prioritise quality craftsmanship. We value precision, attention to detail, and expert artistry in creating each piece. Ensuring that every piece meets high-quality standards is a core value.

Ethical Sourcing

Responsible sourcing of materials is increasingly important in the jewellery industry. Businesses that prioritise ethical practices seek to source gemstones and metals from reputable suppliers who adhere to fair labour practices and environmentally sustainable mining. Morgan & Co only source stones and metals that the origins can be traced. Read more about Morgan & Co's ethical practises here.

Transparency and Integrity

Honest and transparent communication with customers is key. Morgan & Co uphold integrity in their dealings, provide accurate information about their products, and are transparent about pricing, sourcing, and any treatments or enhancements on gemstones. Book your free, no obligation, consultation here.

Customer Focus

Morgan & Co prioritise customer satisfaction by providing exceptional service, personalised experiences, and listening to customer needs. Ensuring a positive and memorable experience for customers throughout their journey, from the initial consultation  to purchase and after-sales service, is crucial. Morgan & Co offer a full re- make of any bespoke ring if their client is not happy with the finished product. That says everything. 

Innovation and Design Excellence

Embracing creativity and innovation in design while maintaining a commitment to timeless elegance, this is Morgan & Co’s mantra, their businesses strives to create unique and cutting-edge designs that resonate with clients. View Morgan & Co, Buderim's bespoke collection of engagement rings here.

Continuous Improvement and Education

Morgan & Co are committed to continuous learning and improvement in fine jewellery craftsmanship and design. Morgan & Co educate their clients about industry standards, gemstones and care for their jewellery. Education empowers better decision-making and fosters a deeper appreciation for the final piece.

Morgan & Co believe that when spending money on an expensive purchase that the client should be fully informed about what they are spending their well earned money on. 

Longevity and Legacy

Morgan & Co value creating pieces for their clients  that can be passed down through generations, emphasising the longevity and timeless quality of Morgan & Co’s products.

Emotional Connection and Meaning

Morgan & Co creates  jewellery that often carries sentimental value. Creating pieces that evoke emotions and carry personal significance for the wearer enhances the value beyond aesthetics. This is very important and well understood by the team at Morgan & Co. View their jewellery collection here.

Understanding Clients Needs

Adapting to varying preferences, styles, and timelines while maintaining quality and integrity showcases the Morgan & Co’s ability to accommodate diverse client needs.

These values collectively form the foundation of Morgan & Co’s successful bespoke jewellery business. They reflect not only the craftsmanship and creativity but also the respect for the client's individuality and the commitment to delivering a truly personalised and meaningful experience. Our values not only reflect the brand's identity but also contribute to building trust and loyalty among our clients.

Morgan & Co's Principals 

Morgan & Co understand that to run a successful bespoke jewellery business involves a combination of exceptional craftsmanship, personalised service, and business acumen. Here are the main principles behind Morgan & Co jewellery 


Morgan & Co are all for uncompromised quality. The hallmark of a world-class bespoke jewellery shop is an unwavering commitment to quality. Each piece must exhibit impeccable craftsmanship, using the finest materials and techniques. The ability to design and create unique, visionary pieces that captivate clients and push the boundaries of traditional jewellery sets Morgan & Co apart. Book your consultation in Morgan & Co's design studio based in Buderim here.

Exceptional Customer Service

Providing an unparalleled level of service and attention to detail fosters long-lasting relationships. Anticipating client needs, offering a seamless experience, and maintaining open communication are key.

Expertise and Knowledge

Morgan & Co have  in-depth expertise in gemmology, metalwork, design, and trends. Sharing this knowledge with their clients instils confidence and trust in Morgan & Co’s capabilities.

Innovation and Technology

Embracing innovation, whether in design software, 3D printing, or other cutting-edge technologies, Morgan & Co can enhance the creative process and efficiency while maintaining craftsmanship. 

Ethical Standards and Sustainability

Morgan & Co consider ethical standards in sourcing materials and supporting sustainable practices increasingly important. Morgan & Co’s clients value ethical choices, and a commitment to sustainability aligns with contemporary values.

Attention to Detail 

Morgan & Co are meticulous  to even the smallest details ensuring the final piece created for their clients  reflects excellence. From the first consultation, to the finished piece, perfection lies in the details.

Brand Identity and Storytelling 

Crafting a compelling brand story and identity that resonates with clients contributes to Morgan & Co’s success. Emphasising Morgan & Co’s history, values, and the stories behind each piece adds depth and significance.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptability

Each day Morgan & Co strive for continual improvement and adapt to changing trends, technologies, and client preferences is crucial for staying at the forefront of the industry. 

Community and Connection

Morgan & Co value the connections they build, not only with our clients but also within the community. Supporting local artisans, fostering inclusivity, and giving back are integral parts of our passion-driven philosophy. Contact the team here and meet with them about starting your custom made jewellery journey today. Meet in their Buderim studio or via Zoom or Google Meets.

Emotional Connection 

Ultimately, our passion stems from the joy we bring to people's lives. The emotional connections formed through our jewellery, the smiles on our clients' faces—these moments fuel our dedication to creating something truly special.

By integrating these values and principles into the Morgan & Co’s operations and ethos, Morgan & Co has established itself as a beacon of excellence, delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and personalised experiences to its clientele.

Why Does Morgan & Co Exist?

Morgan & Co is run by two very passionate people, a mother and daughter and female led team.

At Morgan & Co the passion for creating jewellery stems from a multitude of sources, blending artistry, craftsmanship, personal expression, and emotional connection.

Here are the main reasons why the girls at Morgan & Co are passionate about making jewellery:

Artistic Expression 

Creating beautiful Jewellery  is an art form that allows individual  expression.  Designing and crafting jewellery involves a blend of colours, shapes, textures, and materials, providing a canvas for artistic expression.

Emotional Connection

Jewellery often carries emotional significance. Morgan & Co find fulfilment in creating pieces that commemorate special moments, symbolise love or friendship, or serve as heirlooms, forging emotional connections between the creator and the wearer.

Individuality and Customisation

Crafting customised jewellery allows for individuality. Morgan & Co creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to specific preferences, reflecting the personality and style of the wearer.

Legacy and Tradition 

Morgan & Co are drawn to jewellery design  due to its ties to tradition and history. Morgan & Co are  driven by a desire to preserve cultural heritage or carry on family traditions or create new traditions for generations to come.

Appreciation of Beauty and Design 

Morgan & Co, a Buderim Jeweller, have an inherent appreciation for beauty and design that has drawn them to create beautiful, timeless jewellery. The process of conceptualising, sketching, and bringing an idea to life appeals to both Morgan and Laura.

Our Mission

“Once Made, Never Forgotten”

We aim to inspire and beautify the world with meticulously crafted bespoke jewellery and to provide a personalised journey for each customer.

Once a relationship is created, the impression we leave behind will be as timeless as the piece we create for you.

We promise that our customers will receive the best possible price available to our business, and that it will be less than our competitors’ prices.

We are meticulous in our design and creation processes, and have a relentless passion for elegance and quality, which ensures each piece is of the highest standard.

Together with our clients, we are not just creating jewellery, we are creating sparkling moments for a better tomorrow - bringing together loved ones, reconnecting with those we have lost, making something fresh from newly discovered forgotten treasures.

The only thing more important to us than the exquisite jewellery we create is the relationship we develop with each of our clients … the partnership we form with you to make your special occasion unforgettable.

Our Team 

Meet Laura

Laura has an eye for design, is creative and intuitive. She really gets to know her clients and from doing so can source or create a piece tailored to each individual. Laura is down to earth, relatable, hilarious and someone you love to be around. Everyone loves diamonds, but Laura is the true diamond lover. She’ll advise you on the four Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat - so you end up with the perfect diamond with a sparkle that lasts a lifetime. Laura has an amazing eye when it comes to remodelling old and pre-loved jewellery. Laura's vision and creativity comes to life and can always create the most beautiful, sentimental piece that can be loved once more.

Meet Morgan

When it comes to diamond education and knowledge, Morgan is your go to. She has completed diamond grading courses and has developed relationships with diamond dealers globally. This is a valuable asset for clients looking to purchase a diamond and will ensure each client leaves with the perfect stone every time. Morgan has worked with an online e-commerce business as an artist manager, has a passion for architecture, beautiful spaces and art in everyday form - textures, natural pallets and tones. But more than anything, Morgan loves a good spreadsheet, project management, problem solving and cash flows. She’s also our behind-the-scenes girl who keeps everyone organised. As a young mother of two beautiful girls, Harriet and Giselle, she knows how hectic life can be – and how important it is to have a little bit of beauty and sparkle in your life to brighten every day.


Overall, the passion for creating jewellery at Morgan & Co is a multifaceted blend of creativity, craftsmanship, emotional connection, and the desire to bring beauty into the world in a tangible and meaningful form for each and every client. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a custom ring take to make?

We allow 6-8 weeks for a custom ring to be created, however, as we approach Christmas, this timeframe can extend to 8-10 weeks. We are able to provide updates at any time throughout the manufacturing process and we also have the ability to place an urgent order for those requiring their piece in a specific timeframe.

We allow 6-8 weeks for a custom ring to be created, however, as we approach Christmas, this timeframe can extend to 8-10 weeks. We are able to provide updates at any time throughout the manufacturing process and we also have the ability to place an urgent order for those requiring their piece in a specific timeframe.

Why don't you have a shop front at Morgan & Co?

At Morgan & Co, we decided to create a truly personal experience for our clients. We offer a by appointment service either in our intimate Buderim studio or via virtual means (Zoom or Google Meets). We accommodate your schedule as we appreciate life can get busy and when it comes to a surprise engagement, it's often difficult for men, or women, to find time to come in without their partner knowing.

Where is the jewellery made?

Morgan & Co pride themselves on having all of their custom made jewellery designed and created here in Australia. Our master jewellers are located in South Australia.

Where are Morgan & Co’s diamonds sourced?

Morgan & Co are able to source diamonds and precious gemstones from their network of trusted diamond dealers from all over the world, allowing them to provide the highest quality at all times.

How much are engagement rings?

Morgan & Co can design an engagement ring to any realistic price point. We pride ourselves on making everyone’s dreams come true, no matter the price point.

Is bespoke jewellery expensive?

There is a common misconception that boutique jewellers are more expensive. In actual fact the quality is higher and the price is often less. Boutique jewellers often prioritise quality over quantity, which can contribute to their reputation for higher quality products compared to mass production jewellers. Boutique jewellers offer customisation and a personalised services, allowing customers to have a say in the design and details of their jewellery. This level of customisation ensures that each piece is tailored to the individual's preferences and specifications. While mass production jewellers aim for broad appeal, boutique jewellers can cater to specific tastes and styles, resulting in a more unique and high-quality product.

November 23, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin