As a co-owner of a jewellery studio in Buderim, Sunshine Coast, I often see clients facing issues with off-the-shelf engagement rings purchased from online or chain stores. One common problem is the setting being so low that it's impossible to fit a wedding band flush with the engagement ring. This leaves clients with two options: either remodel their engagement ring, which can be costly, or settle for a curved wedding ring, compromising on style.

Are you having trouble finding a wedding band that fits flush with your engagement ring?

The challenges often encountered with engagement rings from chain or online stores are the low settings, which make it difficult to find a wedding band that sits flush, leaving a gap between your engagement ring and wedding ring, which aesthetically doesn't look nice. This issue leaves clients with two choices: either they must have their engagement ring remodelled, a costly process that can reach up to $3,000, or they must settle for a curved wedding band, often not the desired style.

If you're struggling to find a wedding band that fits flush and would like to discuss your options, simply schedule a consultation with our team. We offer free advice and guidance to help you find the perfect solution.

We often see clients who have purchased engagement rings from chain stores or online retailers come to us for remodelling. It's common for these rings to have been priced lower for a reason. While our engagement rings may have a slightly higher price point, you'll receive professional drawings, a lifelong service, lifetime warranty, a custom-designed ring tailored to you and your lifestyle, and the assurance that there will always be room for your wedding band in the future.

Flimsy bands 

Another common problem is that engagement ring bands from these stores (online and retail) are too thin, making them prone to bending and feeling flimsy. These rings are designed this way to save on gold costs, but clients end up paying the same amount for a ring that requires frequent repairs and compromises its integrity over time. 

Our process

At our jewellery studio, Sunshine Coast, we design engagement rings with longevity in mind. Each ring is custom-made with specific measurements for the gemstones, ensuring durability. We also leave enough room under the setting for a wedding band to fit flush in the future. This attention to detail ensures that our clients' engagement rings will last a lifetime, without the need for costly repairs or compromises in style.


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April 06, 2024 — Morgan Gaskin