2024 Engagement Ring Trends: A Glimpse into Timeless Elegance and Emerging Styles

As the year unfolds, the world of engagement rings is set to embrace a fusion of timeless classics and emerging designs that resonate with modern tastes. 2024 heralds the continuation of cherished trends while introducing captivating new styles that promise to captivate soon-to-be-engaged couples. Join us as we explore the up and coming trends for engagement rings. 

Timeless Trilogy Rings

Trilogy rings, symbolising the past, present, and future, continue to reign supreme in 2024. This style is the arrangement of three stones, often diamonds or gemstones, arranged in a row to represent the journey a couple embarks upon together - past, present and future. The trilogy setting encompasses a sentimental meaning and who doesn't want more diamonds? Our stunning oval trilogy, The Ellise Ring, is a modern take on the trilogy setting. It is set in yellow gold with a larger centre oval cut diamond next to two smaller oval cut diamonds. 

Sleek and Modern Bezels

Bezel-set engagement rings are anticipated to gain traction in 2024. Renowned for their contemporary and secure settings, bezel designs encircle the centre stone entirely, ensuring both protection and a sleek, minimalist look. The Breeta Ring was a custom designed ring made by us at the end of 2023, at Morgan & Co we are at the forefront of up and coming designs, paving the way for what is new and popular, whilst remaining classic and timeless ensuring that these modern designs never date. 

Make your free no obligation consultation with our bespoke team and discuss your custom made engagement ring and our studio in Buderim, located on the Sunshine Coast. 

Emerging Diamond Cuts: Marquise Takes Center Stage

While classic cuts endure, 2024 introduces the rising popularity of marquise-cut diamonds. The elongated, boat-shaped silhouette of the marquise cut not only offers a vintage touch but also an illusion of greater size due to its elongated proportions. This cut's resurgence brings forth a blend of elegance and uniqueness, catching the eye of modern couples seeking distinctiveness in their engagement rings. View our bespoke collection of engagement rings here and in particular The Carolyn Ring and The Laura Ring - both feature stunning marquise cut diamonds, set in yellow gold and each has a different style to show the wearers individual style. 

Each of our rings can be custom made to suit you in 14ct and 18ct yellow, white or rose gold and in platinum. You can choose from a lab grown or natural diamond or any coloured gemstone. Each piece can be made within your price point. Book your consultation here to view our range and speak with our expert team. 

Sustainably Sourced Ethical Diamonds

Another ongoing trend in 2024 is the increased preference for ethically sourced diamonds. Couples are increasingly inclined to select rings featuring diamonds sourced through sustainable and ethical means, reflecting their values and commitment to responsible practices. Lab grown diamonds are a real diamond, come certified and are graded the same way as a natural diamond. There is no right or wrong choice between the two, it's a personal preference. Lab grown diamonds are a lot more affordable, allowing you to select a much larger diamond for your budget. 

Embracing the Future of Forever

At Morgan & Co Jewellery, we celebrate the beauty of timeless traditions and the excitement of emerging trends. Our collection for 2024 embodies a fusion of beautiful elegance and contemporary styles. From classic trilogy rings to the sleek appeal of bezel settings and the rising popularity of marquise-cut diamonds, our range encompasses designs that honour tradition while embracing modern preferences. 

Contact our expert engagement ring team here to make your studio consultation. We can't wait to see you at our Buderim studio and begin the journey of designing your forever ring. 


The engagement ring landscape for 2024 presents a harmonious blend of timeless favourites and innovative designs, offering a diverse array of choices for couples embarking on this beautiful journey of love and commitment. Whether drawn to the symbolic trilogy rings, modern bezels, or the newfound fascination with marquise cuts, there's a perfect ring waiting to narrate your unique love story.

December 27, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin