Welcome to the dazzling world of celebrity engagement rings, where love meets luxury and rings are not just accessories but statements of everlasting commitment. Today, we delve into the stunning engagement rings of two iconic celebrities: Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton. At Morgan & Co, we're captivated by the unique stories behind each ring, reflecting the personalities and styles of these remarkable women. Join us on this journey as we explore the exquisite details and designs that adorn their fingers, inspiring couples to create their own love story with our bespoke creations.

Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Rings

JLo has received several engagement rings throughout her romantic relationships. Let's take a look at Jennifer’s most notable engagement rings.

The Blue Diamond Engagement Ring—

Jennifer's engagement to Marc Anthony who proposed with a spectacular blue diamond ring . Costing around $8 million dollars, this extremely rare 8.5ct light blue diamond is a sleek radiant cut, set upon platinum band with trapezoid accent diamonds. Jen and Marc were married for over ten years, so we think the blue diamond bought them plenty of luck.

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The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring —

Jen moved on from Marc Anthony and it was not too long before she was engaged to Alex Rodriquez. The beautiful 20ct emerald cut diamond ring is set in platinum, the diamond is colour D, colourless and clarity grade flawless (click here to understand more about the four C's of a diamond). Jen’s engagement ring from Alex is very similar in design to our The Olivia Ring. We can create this design with any diamond size and with both lab grown diamonds or natural diamonds. 

The Pink Diamond Engagement Ring —

Next on Jen’s hit list was Ben Affleck. Ben proposed with an exquisite pink diamond ring estimated to be around 6.1 carats. The diamond is a radiant cut pink diamond, which is a rare and highly sought after shaped diamond. The ring is set on a classic platinum band, showcasing the stunning pink diamond as the centrepiece.  This ring gained significant attention and was considered unique and valuable due to the rarity of pink diamonds, its impressive size and cut. Unfortunately their engagement ended, but the ring itself remains 

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The Green Diamond Engagement Ring —

Eighteen years after Jen and Ben broke off their first engagement, the second engagement was back on the cards. Ben proposed the second time with a stunning five stone green diamond engagement  ring. Nine months after they went public with their rekindled romance, Affleck proposed with a custom engagement ring that’s nothing short of exceptional. Lopez’s five stone ring features an 8ct vivid yellow green diamond.

The main stone is flanked by two elongated baguette diamonds, bookended by a matching pair of trapezoid diamonds.  Green diamonds are exceptionally rare, the Aurora, the world’s largest purely vivid green diamond is 5.03ct and was last sold at auction for 416.8 Million. 

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That's enough about JLo, let's take a look at some of Paris Hilton’s five engagement rings that have been bestowed on her over the years.

Paris Hilton's Engagement Rings 

The Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring —

Paris Hilton’s engagement ring collection is one of the most beautiful. Jason Shaw was Paris Hilton’s first engagement, he proposed with a beautiful 10 carat pear shaped solitaire ring made with a natural diamond, 18ct white gold band. At the time of the engagement this ring was the most expensive engagement ring worldwide, approximately $1 million dollars. 

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The Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring —

Paris Hilton's love story took a particularly sparkling turn when she received a jaw-dropping $4.7 Million canary natural diamond ring from her then second fiancé, Paris Latsis. This wasn't just any ring—it was a breathtaking proclamation of love that left everyone in awe.

The Radiant Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring —

The ring was made of white gold band adorned with a radiant yellow coloured canary diamond. The unique design features elongated corner emerald cut diamonds. The diamond is a show stopper. At Morgan & Co, we can source beautiful yellow diamonds and if your budget does not stretch that far how about a stunning yellow natural Australian Sapphire.

The Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring —

Next on the list was Mr Carter Reum who orchestrated a moment of pure magic on Paris Hilton's 40th birthday, set against the backdrop of a Private Island vacation. The enchantment reached its pinnacle when he presented her with a mesmerising 20 carat weighted natural emerald diamond ring, a spectacle that radiated refinement and style. This wasn't just any engagement but a celebration of love in all its brilliance.

This exquisite three-stone ring has a 20 carat emerald centrepiece with baguette and trapezoid cut diamonds on each side.The   platinum band serves as a canvas for this symphony of elegance.

At Morgan & Co we have seen a shift from the traditional diamond choice to coloured stones for engagement rings in 2024. We can source both natural and lab grown emerald stones as well as beautiful Australian Sapphires. Whether you would love your engagement ring to feature only one central stone or you prefer well balanced side stones, Morgan & Co can create your dream ring.

The Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring —

Let's take a  look at another of Paris Hilton’s engagement ring from yet another beau, Mr Chris Zylka. Mr Zylka’s choice of  a 20 carat teardrop-shaped diamond is extraordinary. The brilliance of this halo ring  is heightened by the use of brilliant round-cut diamonds strategically placed to enhance the overall visual impact. 

The beauty of this ring lies not just in its impressive carat weight but in its ability to capture and reflect light. The teardrop shape, coupled with the brilliant round-cut diamonds, ensures that the ring releases attractive and natural light reflections. The band, crafted from 18ct White Gold, elegantly complements the colourless pear-shaped diamonds, creating a harmonious blend of culture and timeless elegance.

In choosing this stylish and modern pear-shaped diamond ring for his fiancée Paris Hilton, Mr. Chris Zylka not only invested in a piece of unparalleled beauty but also in a symbol of their unique and enduring love story. 

In reflecting on the captivating journey through the engagement rings of Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez, it becomes evident that these iconic symbols transcend mere jewelry—they embody love, aspiration, and individuality. From Paris's stunning emerald-cut diamond to Jennifer's radiant pink diamond, each ring tells a unique story of romance and personal style. As we celebrate their enduring love stories, we're reminded of the timeless allure of engagement rings and the profound significance they hold in our lives. Whether simple or extravagant, these rings serve as everlasting tokens of commitment and devotion, forever capturing the essence of love's most cherished moments.

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February 25, 2024 — Morgan Gaskin