Welcome to our latest blog featuring an interview with Morgan, one of the co-owners of Morgan & Co, a bespoke jewellery design studio nestled on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Morgan's journey is a testament to passion and dedication, offering a glimpse into the world of a business owner whose love for jewellery design is surpassed only by her commitment to her clients. Join us as we delve into her story, exploring the intricacies of running a jewellery business and a heartwarming tale of transforming cherished heirlooms into exquisite new pieces.

Could you describe the process of creating a bespoke engagement ring for a client?

"The process of designing a custom engagement ring for a client begins with an initial consultation, during which we provide education on diamonds and gold. We believe it's crucial for our clients to have a comprehensive understanding of their purchase, as it is not only a sentimental decision but also a financial one. This consultation also serves as an opportunity for us to get to know our clients better. We inquire about their professions, hobbies, and lifestyle, as these aspects can influence the design and gemstone selection.

We use our time together to present a variety of gemstone shapes and sizes for our clients to consider, allowing them to see how each shape complements their hand and how different gold colours complement their skin tone. Throughout the process, we remain mindful of our clients' budget, adjusting sourcing and design elements as needed to ensure we stay within their price point.

After finalising the gemstone selection, we delve into the ring's design, a stage that allows our clients to express their unique style and preferences. Whether they prefer vintage charm, modern flair, or a timeless look, the possibilities are limitless with our bespoke process, offering a distinct advantage over off-the-shelf options. Following this, we provide a professional drawing of the design for our clients' approval before proceeding to production. All our pieces are meticulously crafted in Australia, ensuring a turnaround time of approximately 6 weeks."

Can you share a memorable customer story or experience?

"One of our additional services, alongside creating engagement rings and wedding bands, involves the redesign of old and cherished jewellery pieces. This process often unveils a treasure trove of stories and histories, some joyful, others sorrowful, but all deeply meaningful. One particularly remodelling project that stands out is when a gentleman visited us with two wedding bands and an assortment of gemstones. As we spoke with him, he shared the heartbreaking story of losing his wife to a sudden passing during a routine operation, leaving him as a single father to their four young children. Fast forward to the present day, with his children now young adults and one of his daughters preparing to get married, he decided to repurpose the gold and gemstones from the wedding bands to create two stunning rings for his two daughters. It was a profoundly touching moment that highlighted the enduring power of love and family."

Can you share a challenging moment in your entrepreneurial journey and how you overcame it?

"Imposter syndrome is something that I've definitely grappled with at various points in my journey as a jewellery design business owner. It's that nagging feeling of self-doubt, despite external evidence of success, and it can be quite overwhelming. For me, it often creeps in when I'm taking on a new challenge or pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

One thing that has helped me deal with this is recognising that it's a common experience shared by many business owners. It's not a reflection of my abilities or accomplishments, but rather a natural response to stepping into the unknown.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for yourself and your business?

"In the short term, our aim is to expand our range of Morgan & Co designs. Additionally, we are thrilled about an ongoing project that has been in development for the past six months. We are eager to introduce this project to the Sunshine Coast community, so stay tuned for updates!

Looking ahead, my co-owner and I have aspirations to acquire our own premises and enhance our studio space. While we will continue to operate on an appointment basis, we envision offering an expanded selection of fine jewellery pieces crafted by us."

What values and principles guide your business philosophy?

"I believe honest and transparent communication with customers is key. Our philosophy is to uphold integrity in our dealings, provide accurate information about our products, and be transparent about pricing, sourcing, and our process. We prioritise customer satisfaction by providing exceptional service, personalised experiences, and listening to customer needs. Ensuring a positive and memorable experience for customers throughout their journey, from the initial consultation to purchase and after-sales service, is crucial."

How do you balance work and personal life, and what strategies have helped you maintain that balance?

"As a mother of two beautiful girls, finding a work-life balance remains challenging. Living in today's fast-paced world, I thrive on the exhilaration of juggling multiple responsibilities. One significant difference between running my own business and being an employee is that I never truly switch off. My mind is constantly occupied with deadlines, client designs, new ideas, and ongoing projects. I often find myself working from the moment I wake up until late at night. Despite the occasional feeling of being overwhelmed, I genuinely love what I do, so it rarely feels like work. I make an effort to exercise four times a week, spend quality time with my husband and kids when I can and I am incredibly grateful for the support of my family, without whom I could not manage."

What advice would you give aspiring business owners, especially women, looking to start their own business?

"My advice would be to believe in yourself and your ideas. Be prepared to work hard and persevere through challenges, as starting a business is not always easy. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, advisors, and peers who can offer guidance and encouragement along the way. Stay true to your values and vision.

What I have learnt is that success often comes from learning from your mistakes and failures, so don't be discouraged by setbacks but rather use them as opportunities to improve. Owning your own business is not for everyone and that’s ok, so my advice would be to think long and hard and speak with multiple business owners and understand what comes with it before jumping in."

Who has been your biggest mentor or role model, and how have they influenced your approach to business?

"My greatest mentor is my husband, Patrick, who also runs his own business and possesses a wealth of knowledge in startups and business development. He is undeniably the most intelligent person I know, always equipped with the right answers. 

Another significant role model in my life is my co-owner and mother, Laura. Our partnership is fun and quite harmonious (most of the time!), with each of us complementing the other's strengths. I admire her exceptional ability to connect with people, making them feel valued and secure, always with their best interests at heart. She has a unique way of interacting with our clients, treating them more like friends, than mere customers. Witnessing her genuine care for young couples starting their journey together is truly inspiring."

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March 10, 2024 — Morgan Gaskin