A stunt ring, also known as a placeholder or temporary engagement ring, is used for the proposal before selecting the final engagement ring with your partner. It's not meant to be the permanent or official engagement ring but serves as a symbolic placeholder during the proposal moment.

Choosing a stunt engagement ring can be a thoughtful decision for various reasons. Here are some reasons why a placeholder ring might be the best choice for you.

Surprise Proposal 

If you want to keep your proposal a surprise but aren't entirely sure about your partner's ring preferences, a stunt ring allows the proposal to happen without the stress of getting the perfect ring right away. You may not want to spoil the surprise by involving your partner in the selection process, so a stunt ring allows you to keep the surprise when you pop the question. 

Avoiding Pressure 

Selecting an engagement ring can be overwhelming. A stunt ring alleviates the pressure of choosing the "perfect" ring alone, allowing you, as a couple, time to discuss and design your ideal forever ring together.

Avoiding Disappointment

Every woman has their unique style and preferences. A stunt ring can prevent the disappointment that might arise if the chosen ring doesn't match your partner's taste or expectations.

Symbolic Gesture

The stunt ring represents the commitment and intention to marry, allowing your partner and yourself  to enjoy the proposal moment and the excitement of designing the engagement ring together.

Creating Memories 

The process of selecting a permanent engagement ring together can be a memorable experience for the couple. It adds to the story of your engagement and strengthens your bond.

Time Constraints

If your proposal is planned and the actual ring you have designed isn't ready or purchased yet, a stunt ring allows the proposal to proceed without delays.

Now that you have popped the question with your stunt ring, what is the next step?

Discussing Your Official Engagement Ring

Following the proposal,  you now have the opportunity to have an open conversation about the creation of your partner’s official engagement ring. The conversation will include  style preferences, gold selection, diamond shape and budget considerations.

Customised Engagement Ring

The first consultation at Morgan & Co will include comprehensive education on diamonds, gems and gold preferences. Selection of your diamond, or gemstone, as well as design and setting considerations. 

The Morgan & Co Difference 

Morgan & Co will provide you with a placeholder ring and the cost will come off your engagement ring when you decide on the design. We will create a beautiful in-studio experience for you and your partner when it comes time to design your forever ring, we will provide a gift for your partner and on the day we will celebrate over champagne and an intimate consultation that becomes part of your proposal story. 

Key Message 

Using a stunt ring allows couples to enjoy the moment of proposal without the pressure of selecting the final ring beforehand. It also gives you the opportunity to design your perfect  engagement ring together, ensuring that the ring holds sentimental value and reflects the wearer's style and preferences.

Overall, a stunt engagement ring can be a practical and considerate choice, allowing both partners to participate in the exciting process of choosing a symbol of their love and commitment.

December 02, 2023 — Morgan Gaskin